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More than 80 percent of people who lose weight eventually gain it back, according to a study by the University of California, Los Angeles, and that means you need a no-quit plan that will keep you inspired for life. The cycle of gaining and losing weight has been linked to hypertension a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in a study in the International Journal of Obesity.

So to keep the pounds off for good and boost your health too, follow these few tips. Changing the skills you work on will improve the way your brain processes all the movements, researchers report in a recent issue of the journal Neuroscience. Hit the treadmill together on your lunch break. Cover your display screens, set the timer for 30 minutes and see who burns more calories. Swap your favorite recipes and brainstorm ways to make them healthier like ditching the white spaghetti pasta for zucchini strips the next time you have an Italian night- use your carrot peeler!

Instead of relying on machines, add in a combination of dumbbell, resistance band and body weight moves to hit your muscles from multiple angles, using different modalities. Simply switching around the order of your regular routine can stimulate both your muscles and your mind, according to the American Council on Exercise ACE. Post your goal on the fridge.

Splurge on a new pair of running or performance shoes. It will motivate you for your next workout. Add more fun to your fit routine. Article by Kasia Kurek and Sarah Tuff. This is not the time to slack off on exercise and healthy eating. As was stated in my last blog, on November 19, , simply eating an extra calories a day between Thanksgiving and the end of January will cause a 5 pound holiday weight gain. With all of the hard work that you have done over the last year, it would be very discouraging to gain five pounds at the end of this year. Amidst the activities and parties of this holiday season, make a commitment to yourself and to your health to stay true to your daily workouts and your healthy eating habits.

Be sure to try new, healthier recipes this holiday season. Check out websites such as www. Also, find a buddy to keep you accountable. This can be in the form of a personal trainer, a friend or a family member. It is always more fun to workout with someone, and during this busy time of year it is essential to have accountability. Today is the day to give yourself the best holiday gift you can, the gift of health. Make a commitment to make a life change to live a more active healthier lifestyle. The goal of the contest is for our clients to maintain or lose weight during the holidays.

Last year we only had one client that did not lost weight; our clients were really excited about their success. One of the most significant diet dangers revolves around sugar consumption. Problems arise from riding on a sugar roller coaster. When you binge on sugar, you crave more and more and your body slows down. Along with sunlight deprivation, sugar binges cause a drop in serotonin, a chemical in the brain that regulates sleep and appetite. A lack of serotonin is often associated with depression. To help boost your serotonin level naturally, eat small but frequent meals that include complex, starchy veggies.

You can also help control blood sugar levels by eating small quantities of protein three times a day. For example, eat two egg whites in the morning, some turkey at lunch and a small portion of grilled fish at night. You should keep up your regular exercise during the holidays and accept no excuses. Here are some other holiday survival tips:. Exercise to burn calories, relieve stress, and elevate your endorphins and mood such as a brisk walk, run, or bike-ride. Eating moderate amounts of fat during the holidays will satiate the appetite and prevent overeating of carbs about grams per day will be sufficient for most people.

Hunger and low blood sugar lead to overeating. Moderate consumption is the key. If you have them, it certainly increases the likelihood that you will overeat. Before you leave home, eat something light or drink a protein shake. Also drink a great deal of water the day of the party. Make a clear-cut decision to distance yourself from all goodies.

Men can enjoy this too! For example, you might allow yourself two desserts per week at calories each. Factor in the little extras into your daily intake. Make or buy wild-rice stuffing, baked sweet potatoes and whole-grain rolls. Make a small plate and skip the seconds. We all go through the ups and downs of an exercise routine. It talks mostly about weight loss, but I am replacing the weight loss feel of the article to fit into what I need to get out of my fitness routines. To stick around and work, weight loss has to fit within the bigger picture — and then made into a daily priority.

Unless, of course, it becomes part of that bigger picture. Knowing the role that fitness plays gives you the motivation to keep going strong. First, put weight loss up on the big screen. List the things that losing weight will help you do.

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Want to be a better parent? Improve your work performance? Stick around to see your grandkids? Are travel, horseback riding, racecar driving, home improvement and other high-energy activities important to you? These reasons can be made into motivators. Combine in Large Mixing Bowl. Use a large spoon to spread out the mix into the bottom of a Pam-sprayed glass or metal cooking tray spread until even put in the fridge overnight and cut into 8 equal bars that yield: 3g fat 28g carbs 29g protein calories These bars taste amazing, and are perfect for: breakfast, pre OR post workout.

Also, you can add fresh chicken breast as opposed to the canned chicken. A very versatile recipe. I hope you enjoy! Prepare the rice according to package directions. After 15 minutes of simmering, stir in the chicken, tomatoes, and peas. Top with the cashews. Stick With It! Wednesday, March 16th, Sticking With It! Should I change up my workout routine? This brings up the question… To change or not to change…that is the question. Go Outside the Box 1. Take a new fitness class. Experiment with a new vegetable every week. Try mornings.

Ghostly Pizza

Make It Social 1. With your coworker. With your foodie friend. Shake Up Your Routine 1. Beat boredom. Start your workout with a different exercise than usual. Create a Fit Environment 1. Choose a route home from work that passes by a gym. Seeing others coming in and out in their fitness gear will get you pumped to join in. The short of it is this: You give Patreon your paypal or credit card and they charge you whatever you level you choose at the end of each month.

That money supports me sharing my writing and art and podcasts and weirdness with you.

Mysteries of Faith (New Church's Teaching Series)

Please rate and like us if you are feeling kind, because it matters somehow. You can be heard on our podcast! Here is the link to the mobile app. I do art stuff. You can find it and buy a print here. Men in Black meet Buffy the Vampire Slayer? You know it. My Verdict: Why does Twitter exist? Why do people subtweet? Give me more pasta. Drown my feelings in carbs.

Watch me. Yep, I am drowning my feelings in carbs. Here is the link to the mobile app and our bonus podcast below. How cool is that? Who knew there was such a thing? My mom was a firm believer that if you were going to eat vegetables that were green then you needed to cover them with a Velveeta sauce. She was not a big veggie person, my mom. It was a big hit here. I riffed off a recipe by gildawen on the all recipes site. I found it to get thick pretty quickly, much like my waistline. As you may have noticed by now. But this recipe? After much mocking as heard on our podcast, Dogs are Smarter than People was a massive hit.

Thanks to all of you who keep listening to our weirdness as we talk about random thoughts, writing advice and life tips. I offer solo writing coach services. I am super psyched to be teaching the six-month long Write. So are you looking for a group to support you in your writing process and help set achievable goals? Our Write. Cauliflower Hash Recipe. Because when you mash up a cauliflower? It becomes magical. This super easy recipe is perfect for my little magical family. Hash That Cauliflower, Baby Writers like to hack things up. No, wait.

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That's editors. I know. This is hard. Rethink this recipe. Rethink cauliflower. It will start to change color a bit. You can buy them here or anywhere. For more about my individual coaching, click here. Are you looking for a group to support you in your writing process and help set achievable goals? View one of our most recent success stories here. Thanksgiving and I was a little flustered. But here you go… A Thursday cooking post on a Friday. And um…. And Gabby the Dog is barking a lot.

I know! Way to sell it, Carrie. I promise. And even if it all breaks apart? I hope you have a lovely day where you are thankful for the shared values that everyone in this country holds, things like togetherness, giving to others, sharing our stories and being grateful for what we have.

life is a roller coaster tips for the dips pep talks book 4 Manual

Shout Out — This recipe is adapted f rom the much better recipe from the Food Network. They mention no uncles and actually make their own stuffing. Go and find a 1-gallon resealable freezer bag of the plastic kind. You have enough to deal with right now because…. Turn on the stove to Fahrenheit. Put the rack in the center of the stove. Find a baking sheet.

Put parchment on that sheet. Get mad. Look at your cauliflower. Imagine this and you take the stem out. Find a pot. Fill the pot with salted water and boil that brain — I mean cauliflower — for about 7 minutes. Take the cauliflower from the pot. Ignore your uncle when he says that being a vegetarian is an act of violence against the meat farmers of the country and un-American.

Go find the wine. Find the wine. Drink the wine while the cauliflower is cooling. Distract uncle by mentioning football. Pipe filling in the holes between the florets. Push it down with your fingers. Fill every single hole with stuffing. Your cauliflower will look weird. Bake until the cauliflower about 40 minutes. Cauliflower will be soft. Breadcrumbs will be brown. Also, this is yummy.

So, sometimes I cheat because on Halloween things get hectic here. Spray bottom of a byinch rimmed baking sheet with the stuff that makes things not stick. This is a lot like stretching your 20,word story into a 50,word novel. You might have to take a couple of rounds, and rest in between to get this stretched. Spread that sauce over the dough. Try to make it even. Leave a border on all sides of the rectangle. Try to make that border a 1-inch border.

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Put the ghosts on the pizza. It is hot. Be careful. Obviously these ghosts have been hanging out in hell. The sauce is like red flames. And the whole scene is hot. Hide the candy wrappers in the garbage during the final five minutes of baking. I grew up in what used to be rural Bedford, New Hampshire and I lived up on a hill on the corner of Hardy Road and Route , which was then a little two-lane highway that led from Manchester, New Hampshire a thriving metropolis former mill town to points west.

People thought my house, a dark brown ranch with red shutters, perched up on the hill was creepy. It was the kind of house people would dare each other to go to. How can your home be scary but also comforting? They have created entire entertainment enterprises out of this concept — things like the Addams Family where the macabre is comforting.

Or the vampire family in Twilight where their vampyric nature is hidden by the clean, modern lines of wealth and big windows and good hair. My house was weird. Maybe haunted. Who knows? So, yeah, I grew up in this house my dad built in Bedford, NH. It was on a hill. And after that some people from Connecticut built a camp in the woods and would come there in the summer.

That was in the early s, I think. But those were the only known houses before ours. Anyway, we had this great big picture window in the living room. My dad and mom were arguing at the kitchen table, so I toddled off and went into the living room. It was night time. I was really little, probably somewhere between three and five, because my parents were still married enough to be living in the same house. I really hated them fighting so I waddled over to the picture window and decided to blow on it, so I could make those hand footprints in the mist that comes from your breath.

So, I started to blow on the window to see if it would frost up, but then I noticed something outside on our front lawn. Our front lawn was a big, grassy hill that sloped down to the road. I cupped my hands around my eyes so I could see better and peered out because it was getting dark. There was a woman wearing a long, white dress walking across the lawn, from left to right. That was weird. Nobody ever walked across our lawn at almost night. We were really rural then, up a long, dirt driveway, up a hill. She was walking right above the hole for the septic tank. It was a big hole about three feet deep that was covered with two granite slabs.

I knew it was there because my mom was always warning me about falling in and breaking an ankle. My mom was really, really worried about my ankles.

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  • I grew up thinking pretty much anything could break my ankle — holes, bikes, skis, horses, soccer…. I yelled for her but they kept arguing. The woman kept walking. She lifted her arm and waved. She seemed nice. She turned me around to look at her. To be fair, she only like cucumbers when they were thinly sliced and put on a massive caravan of mayonnaise and smooshed in between two slices of white bread. My favorite cookbook was Horn of the Moon , which was a vegetarian cookbook written by Ginny Callan who owned Horn of the Moon restaurant.

    What is wrong with you? Are you trying to die? Not one of us has a lick of artistic ability. While you are despondent over the course of your life as a writer not an artist, melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a bit pan. Once the onions are done, add the contents of the pan to the green beans and water. Turn the heat off of the green beans and water. As you know, these weekly recipes are my attempt to getting the family to eat more food without meat. And I always put down their verdicts. Either would be okay.

    The Historic Leap The Dips - World's Oldest Roller Coaster - Expedition Theme Park

    You could drop some on the floor, you know. That would be nice. Sparty: Everything is better with bacon. Skip to content Print Recipe. Many thanks to Licia! Course drinks , side dish. Servings people. Dear God, how is it still winter? Winter will never end. Winter is not coming, Game of Thrones people. Winter is freaking here. Try to breathe. The days will eventually get longer.

    The sun will eventually shine. You can fight this! Find your blender. Wipe the ice off it. Remember all the happy times you and your blender had in the summer? You can do that again. Pour juice into blender. Remember being warm. Remember not having to constantly wear layers. Remember when your fingers weren't too frozen to text or type. Add fruit to blender.

    Though your brain is frozen, remember to put the cover on the blender and turn it on. Make it smooth. This takes 1 minute. Try not to drink summer right out of the blender, but put it in glasses two. Remember what it was to be warm. Share this if you want! Like this: Like Loading Print Recipe. Cuisine american , Italian. Keyword pasta. First, prepare for your meal of love and put your beautiful, expensive cashews in a big bowl and leave them there overnight while you dream of their beautiful, exquisite form. Maybe write a sonnet about them. It is the next day! Writer, you are in love with your story and therefore you are in love with life so go put that stove on Line a pan with tinfoil or aluminum foil.

    What is it? When did this word change? Resist the urge to look it up and just use the shiny stuff. Look at all your adorable ingredients. Love them up. Maybe kiss them quickly. Make sure nobody is watching. Put all the tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper on top of the lined baking sheet.

    Find the olive oil and drizzle its juice all over the vegetables on the sheet. Do not breathe heavily. This is not porn. This is dinner. Feel guilty that your brain even went there. Put it in the oven and shut it. Are you feeling ashamed? It's okay. It's all behind the oven door now. Keep it all back there, hidden, for 20 minutes.

    Take the pan out. Skin the tomatoes. Dear God! What have you become? It started out so lovingly and now you are skinning tomatoes! Take no pleasure in this step. Also be careful not to burn your fingers. Cook pasta according to its directions. Hide it all in the oven again for ten minutes and breathe deeply. Practice your mantras. Repeat after me, "I cook with love. I cook with love. You know those cashews you've been drowning all night? Put them in a blender. Add the vegetables and their juices.

    Blend it until smooth until there's no damn evidence that these things were once separate entities. Add salt. Mix it up with the pasta. Eat it. Check for cameras. Course Main Dish. Servings Shauns. Maine 3 tablespoons butter the salted kind 2 teaspoons black pepper 1 cups pecorino romano grated - a fine, fine grate.

    Boil your pasta in some salted water according to the package's directions. Make sure that water in the stockpot is super salty. So salty. It is the comeback queen of pasta water.