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I hope that the next book shows some more growth in her character as she learns that she can't keep everybody happy, and that hypocrisy is not the way to protect those around you Jun 28, Rosa rated it it was ok Shelves: chicklit , , young-adult. This book just made me anxious. There are way to many poor choices being made by characters in this book, and Tessa still feels disengenous. After everything that went on in the previous book I feel like her parents suck for not figuring out and still constantly being away. I also feel like Tessa is practically ending up right where she was in the last book at the end which also annoyed me.

I went back and forth over who the operative could be and that is most likely what kept me interested in t This book just made me anxious. I went back and forth over who the operative could be and that is most likely what kept me interested in this book. Since it is a series everything was left hanging in the air at the end.

I am curious to see what is going to happen in the next volume, but since this didn't feel like a very enjoyable experience I am not sure that I will read it. Dec 23, Hana Bilqisthi rated it liked it. Too much dramas perhaps would be better title. Tess is special snowflake or mary sue one. She is always likeable by other people despite being always right, so focused with herself and her problems. In this book, she is not cheerleader captain anymore but people still miss her and think she is better stay at being captain.

Does the book try to tell how great Tessa is? I don't think so. The sucession program is not well preprared then, if you don't have good next leader after you left. I stay because I am curious to find out the culprit and once again, I am wrong. I am surprised by the twist but not really happy with it.

Naughty Guys Posters

Anyway, maybe this book try to potray how teenage girl's behavior if they are too focused on boy, and not learned to be comfortable being alone. Jun 10, Khy rated it really liked it. If it's possible, I like this installment in the series even more than book one. There's more spying, more twists, and, perhaps most importantly, more boys. Though not full of crazy intense action that I tend to prefer, I was completely entertained by Tessa and the squad's antics throughout the entire book. Tessa still manages to get into the craziest, most awkward situations even though she's not on the squad, but I liked seeing her in a normal environment too.

Since she's out of her "must alway If it's possible, I like this installment in the series even more than book one. Since she's out of her "must always be positive" leadership roles, she's not as overpowering as she was in book one, which was an insanely nice change. Loved her in book one, but she was a little too strawberry smoothie for my liking then. Even though I did sometimes want to slap her to get her to stop making such stupid mistakes, I loved her growth by the end. So Many Boys is full of so many twists.

Every few chapters there is a chapter from the fake SOS's point of view, which is definitely one of the highlights of the book. I loved that they kept my guessing as to who the fake SOS is; they were also exciting to read because of how spy-y they are great vocabulary, I know. The little subplot those chapters included was super fun to read too, even though Tessa and the squad's investigating was more interesting.

And one last thing: So Many Boys completed changed my view on some characters. Some I hate more than I did when I started reading, and some I like even more. But even through my shock and hate, I could see why the betraying characters did what they did. I can't wait to see how book three handles some new revelations and changes, because some of the revealed scandals turned everything around.

May 10, Princess Bookie rated it really liked it Shelves: read We are back with Tessa, but she is no longer the cheer leading captain or caption of SOS. The cheerteam is now headed by Tessa's best friend Kira and there is a copy kitten impersonating SOS. SOS had been put on hold in the past few months. Tessa is no longer the perky girl we once knew. Her and Aiden are kind of on a "break" since he's away at college and she doesn't have as much pep in her kick. So Many Boys is full of so much mystery.

Every few chapters there is a chapter from the fake SOS's point of view, which makes the book more mysterious and sneaky. There is a new guy in Tessa's life but he's already taken. Joel, aka Kira's boyfriend. At first Tessa just enjoys his company. He's a sweet guy who always knows the right thing to say to comfort her but she has to watch her back with the copy kitten around. Her friendship may get twisted into something more. Aiden is also still around but he is sneaking around behind Tessa's back with her former captain. I just didn't like him as much in this book. His actions just made me feel miserable.

Watch your step Tessa! Watch that copy kitten! She just may get you! I kind of expected the copy kitten to be who she was, but I had my doubts and had a few other suspicions as well. I enjoyed So Many Boys and Joel! I want to know what happens next with Joel! Overall: Liked it a lot! Can't wait to see more of Joel. Cover: Love it! All these covers are really cute! Jan 26, Halyna rated it really liked it Shelves: high-school. Great read - more complicated, than the first book with bigger problems, betrayals, events.

Poor Tess - her luck with guys and friends is dismal!!! I loved Leona and Joel in this book - they were perfect, I was furious with Aiden especially after all his accusations to Tessa in the first book, but what she did with Christian was oh-so-innocent in comparison with his behaviour - Tessa continued to fend off other guys because of him, and he The end is promising and I WANT the t Great read - more complicated, than the first book with bigger problems, betrayals, events. Great series - a must-read!!!!! Jul 16, Elissa Hoole rated it it was amazing.

It was terrific to see Tessa Crimson again, but the poor girl was in need of a serious pep transfusion!


Tessa, frazzled from chasing after a copy-kitten, trying to save her reputation, and keeping her former squad together, is so far from strawberry smoothie it will just about break your heart! I loved this sequel to The Naughty List--the plot was fast-paced and well-crafted, the dynamics between the Smitten Kittens very believable, and the sexual tension was amazing!

Oct 04, Jen Petro-Roy rated it it was ok Shelves: ya , While a quick, kinda fun read, this book annoyed me. Tessa and her friends didn't have a real 'friendship,' and although that was kind of the point, their interactions were incredibly unrealistic. In addition, Tessa's fake curses and issues with profanity rang completely untrue.

Jun 05, Dee rated it it was ok. God Aidan! What happened to you?

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I hate you. Did not like this book. Dec 07, Hamna rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , mystery. Ahhhhghghghhhhh this one was so freaking cute! I wasn't enjoying the whole imposter plot, but that ending made up for it!

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The 1st part was a little slow but this one was good from start to finish. Sep 27, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-coming-of-age. This book was good. I think it shows that not much good can come from spying on people. Apr 18, Melanie Gin rated it liked it. So I'm not sure why I didn't put a review on this book when I read it a few years back, but I guess I will now since I just reread it. So it starts off at the beginning of the next year, so Tessa is now a senior and Aiden is in college. They are still "sorting out" their relationship, which is technically being friends with benefits, excluding the sex.

However, there is still a strain on their relationship- of course. Tessa was less cheery and perky in this book and it obvious why. She changed her So I'm not sure why I didn't put a review on this book when I read it a few years back, but I guess I will now since I just reread it. She changed her whole life to right wrongs. She quit cheerleading, which makes her feel left out from her cheer friends; her parents are barely home; trying to reveal a SOS fraud; and trying to patch things up with Aiden, although I didn't approve of how they were "sorting out their relationship," but I was so glad she figured it out even though it was kind of too late.

And then she hung out with Joel a lot which she should have known was not really appropriate, but I understood her emotion and they were all innocent intentions. The situation with Aiden, I was so disappointed in him. I wanted to straggle him. I mean from the first book you would never have thought he'd have it in him. He went too far. I loved him, but I couldn't beeeeeelieve the thing he did. Joel was funny, sweet, and gentlemanly, but I couldn't really cheer for him since I loved Aiden so much.

It got in the way of me liking him. However I still liked that he was always there for Tessa when no one else was. I cannot recall who I thought the Fraud was when I first read this But I think I picked the right girl. The clues were pretty obvious now that I reread it, but I was stuck between two people.

Young does a good job doubting and switching hunches. I mean she was unorganized and not that great a leader as everyone has said, and on top of that she was a lying bitch. Who would side with someone like that?

Although, I do get that the girls were iffy since it seems that Tessa always takes Kira's guys and isn't in the right set of mind because of Aiden, but I just thought it weird that Izzy would side with a horrible person since she comes out as innocent and childlike. Nov 28, Kirsty Scard rated it really liked it. This is the second in the Naughty List series and is as good as the previous book. To set the scene the book starts off exactly where it left off with the SOS being suspended for the time being so that Tessa could find herself and who she wanted to be.

The plot in this installment is better then the previous one as there is a bit more going on with a rogue SOS person out to sabotage the SOS amongst the students. The rogue SOS is a great addition to the characters of the book. Suzanne Young keeps This is the second in the Naughty List series and is as good as the previous book. Suzanne Young keeps you guessing with the plot's twists and turns into what is happening throughout and you are always thinking that you know who the rogue SOS is, I know I was.

There is lots of drama in this book with the rivalry between Kira and Tessa is great to read but sometimes I can really dislike Kira and think there is something that is not right about her and she might have something to do with the rogue SOS. I like how Leona really speaks her mind and tells Kira where to go which is refreshing for a character to be so against the goody goody in the book.

I really like the character of Tessa and I enjoyed how her character kept re-capping over what had gone on throughout the first book. The only thing I didn't like about Tessa was her relationship with Aiden, he is bad news for Tessa and I don't think she can see it and all she does is think about what Aiden would do or what he would like. All her friends warn her about Aiden but she doesn't want to listen. I am glad when she meets Joel because I like the relationship that builds up between the pair. The only trouble is that he is Kira's boyfriend and Tessa knows that nothing can happen between them, even though Tessa knows this I like how Suzanne Young had put bits in to show that there is a possibility that they could be more then friends.

I am really looking forward to the third part, A Good Boy is Hard to Find because I want to find out what happens to the rogue SOS person, whether Joel and Tessa get together and if Aiden gets the message and is not wanted around for Tessa and her friends. I also want to find out if SOS will get back together or whether it gets shut down for good. Jul 22, Zunaira Ghazal rated it liked it Shelves: um-maybe , blah. Ok, so it took me a while to get into the whole smitten kitten thing again.

Frankly Tessa annoyed me like only few other characters have. She's naively innocent and unrealistically trusting. But the thing that annoyed me the most was that she had no back bone. I mean a girl slapped her and she just stood there and took it. What kind of a self-respecting woman takes that kind of shit from someone? She constantly needed assurances from Leona to make herself feel good. Aside from that fact, she was Ok, so it took me a while to get into the whole smitten kitten thing again.

Aside from that fact, she was inherently dependent on Aiden. Honestly, it was disgusting and pathetic, the way she clung to their non-existent relationship. I find her belief that a girl needs a boy in her life at every moment to be content to be incredibly insulting. The plot was shallow. I had it figured out from the beginning. I did like Joel better than Aiden though. At least he had some character and wasn't totally gay and pretty like Aiden. And thank God he didn't cry like a giant baby—like Aiden.

I find it extremely unrealistic that there is not a single squad member mentioned except for Tess's own friends. At least give the poor girls a name. I guess it was cute, if you're a new reader and all. But not for me. Dec 23, Chloe C. I'm effing downhearted with the happenings! I hate this sort of things! I enjoyed just like the first one.

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About Aiden? What a shame. I thought he was a really nice guy, the 'perfect' guy. No, No I. Joel: I like him. He was there for Tessa all the time no matter what. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Steam Room Stories —. Rate This. Season 1 Episode All Episodes Director: J. Writers: J.

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