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  1. Big Tech Attracts Antitrust Attention from Senator Elizabeth Warren
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I think we would be well advised to adopt the EU paradigm that antitrust is about ensuring competition. Giving a simple market player that type of power will ultimately allow them to skirt market forces if left unchecked and history provides ample examples. Competition should be mandated and enforced if we want to reap the benefits of a capitalist system. Planet Money did a very nice three-part series of podcasts explaining how we got here, and how the thrust of antitrust enforcement moved from encouraging competition to protecting the consumer. Ben starts a priori that big tech is helping consumers and is our friend.

No private company should be allowed to wield the power which Facebook or Google yield Apple is riding on coattails here outside of iOS. Facebook and Google in particular are money making versions of the same surveillance state created by Josef Stalin and Lavrentii Beria and nurtured by Brezhnev and Andropov.


Big Tech Attracts Antitrust Attention from Senator Elizabeth Warren

All the information, all the time, in the hands of faceless bureaucrats. Who you talk to you, who you love, who you do business with, who you sleep with.

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Those agencies have a vested interest in having a few large providers of data rather than many small ones. The more companies there are the more difficult and costly it is to maintain both the technology and the access relationships. Anyone who believes in either freedom or privacy should strongly support an urgent breakup of these monopolies.

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The US government through its media agents will push back hard against taking action though. There are many other companies that maintain vast amounts of data on us as well, and focusing on the tech giants would probably just give these other companies a leg up in abusing privacy even further. At the moment, I come down more on the side of privacy legislation that gives users control over their data and forces firms that want to use it to compensate us for it in an open and fair fashion, if we choose to sell it at all.

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Microsoft is now completely irrelevant to computing except for legacy things like Office and Windows. Windows phones failed, Windows tablets are by all accounts very nice but a small minority of tablets sold.

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All this without the government breaking Microsoft up. So far as I know, Twitter has never turned a profit. I ditched my Twitter account long ago, and rarely look at anything on it. Facebook is by all reports stagnating. There are competitors to all three. The question IMHO is not if big data is good for consumers. Despite many high-profile privacy scandals hardly anybody has left FB. Not because they feel attached to the company or enjoy being sold out, but because they have no alternative.

That is a serious problem. Unlike Android vs. Walmart, these companies have gotten rid of any meaningful competition, their users are locked in, and therefore these companies can do whatever they want without repercussions. The only way to justify tolerating such de-facto monopolies IMHO would be if we had determined that they are essentially of technical necessity like certain utility monopolies or of greater benefit to consumers.

About Life In Tidbits

But neither of those things have remotely been established in a convincing manner. GDPR-like legislation would more likely help with that.

With competition, a lot of ills can be addressed without regulations that will have their own downsides. Like Apple, Amazon is highly diversified. Breaking up is different than opening up, which is what Spotify wants Apple to do. Spotify has been subscriptions outside of the App Store for some time now; Netflix started doing this first. Apple has a reputation for being the most popular streaming service with musicians, and this is one of the reasons why:. These stories are written with a really interesting perspective on language and words and the way in which words are used in these stories by the writer and are spoken by the reader, imaginatively and alliteratively, is poetic and really makes the stories come to life.

These stories are mainly about women An inspirational and memorable little collection that is beautifully written and beautifully read with clarity and emotion. His wonderful use of words truly enraptured the reader. I think this was worth the read! Definitely 5 stars for this book!

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