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Lyn Funnell. Strange Fascination. Figures of Fear. Graham Masterton. Adele Parks. The Half Life of Joshua Jones. Danny Scheinmann. Treasured Love. Vanda Vadas. Turn Her Face to the Wall Free short story. William Hussey. Solomon Carter. John Hellgren. Sue MacKay. Tommy Donbavand. Niall Leonard. Scarlet Stiletto: The Eighth Cut - Moraig Kisler. Spotted Lily. Anna Tambour. Richard GK Stark. A Lead to Love. Fiona Winter. Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink. Jennifer Killick.

The Dating Game. Carolyn Caterer. Saving Nathaniel. Jillian Ward. Nameless and Other Stories. David Strickleton. Poison Blood, Book 1: Revelation. Neha Yazmin. The Fear Man. Ann Halam. Last Year's Man. Paul D. The Loner. Rachel Ennis. Tom Moorhouse. Sarah Morgan. Fiona Harper. The Other Us. The Bridesmaid's Secret.

Saying Yes to the Millionaire. The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams. Snowbound in the Earl's Castle. The Memory Collector. Jennie Adams. The Rebound Guy. Make My Wish Come True. The Summer We Danced. The Guy to Be Seen With.

Millionaire's Baby Bombshell. Harlequin Romance June Bundle. Rebecca Winters. Maggie Cox. English Lord, Ordinary Lady. Jessica Hart. Housekeeper's Happy-Ever-After. Margaret Way. Ally Blake. Lynne Graham. Louise Allen. Blind-Date Marriage. Continue comprando. In addition, based on how there are Cherry Blossoms throughout their wedding during the credits and in Konoha Hiden , it's clear that while they became romantically involved during the wintertime , they got Happily Married in the springtime.

Finally, according to Sakura Hiden , they dated for several months before they got married. In Sand Chronicles , Sakura and Ann become engaged after only meeting each other a few times. On top of that, though the bride has developed feelings for him and it's implied they're reciprocated, they haven't even begun a relationship when the question is popped.

Them not knowing each other well is a minor plot point and becomes an issue. The bride's friend's bewilderment sums it up nicely: Friend: Now You weren't even dating Bride in question: Nope. And you haven't kissed. Bride in question: Nope, not once. Comic Books. In the Marvel Universe , Hawkeye and Mockingbird got married a couple of days after they met. Admittedly it was a very intense couple of days. Deadpool and Shiklah. They met, and Word of God states literally got married after their first date. Even though they had genuine feelings for one another, the marriage was more a Marriage of Convenience to stop Dracula from marrying her.

They seemed to have a "play house" mentality toward it, underestimating what it would really mean to be married in general, let alone to each other. May be subverted since their marriage goes down hill hard after about a year. Word of God states they didn't get to know one another that well before the marriage -saying they traveled and had lots of fun, but that wasn't what their normal lives entailed. However, Deadpool and Shiklah disagree with Word of God. After Deadpool catches Shiklah cheating on him with Werewolf by Night, he shoots the wolf in the head.

Shiklah admits to all the different monsters she's slept with, and simply tells Deadpool he knew who he was marrying. Deadpool replies that she also knew who she was marrying because he explained to her that he mainly knows how to fight and screw up. Hulk and Caiera hit it off pretty fast in Planet Hulk. The exact amount of time is hard to pin down but it doesn't seem more than a few weeks, though they are engaged in some fairly intense flirting during their second meeting.

It didn't last long, though. Matt Murdock and Milla Donovan. She proposed. Robin : Tim's father married his physical therapist less than a year after being widowed when Tim's mother was murdered. The Topolino story "I Married a Witch" a parody of the film of the same name has Mickey striking up a relationship with a Hot Witch named Samantha after a break-up with Minnie. He proposes only a month into the relationship, but her father puts the two through a vision of what would happen afterwards showing that society won't accept them, prompting a break-up.

The story was banned after its initial publication due to Disney's disapproval of Mickey with another woman and Italian tabloids joking about off-panel sex. Disney Animated Canon. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Snow White and her prince sing a duet, but never actually speak to each other in the whole darn movie.

She rides off with him about two days after meeting him. The fact that some scenes that suggested them having met before were scrapped somehow makes it even worse. The Little Mermaid : Eric only barely sees Ariel and hears her as well for a couple of seconds, with the sun shining behind her. That's enough for him to decide that he'll marry her. No matter if he doesn't know she's not human, her name, or if she wasn't a hallucination. It is double subverted by how his adviser talks him out of his fantasy about Ariel and into marrying Ursula's disguise doesn't count because brainwashing was involved.

Pocahontas - A few days, again, but here it's subverted because they end up not getting together forever at the end. In Pocahontas II: Journey to the New World she gets together with John Rolfe, the man the historical Pocahontas actually married , but her getting to the point where she's willing to sacrifice her life for him counts. Although stopping his execution would also stop a war for breaking out.

Without even knowing the first names of their chosen one! They have had an Arranged Marriage since infancy, however neither knew this. Cinderella is a one date marriage. Originally Prince Charming was going to be in more scenes, but those got cut when the animators were having a difficult time animating him in that primitive era.

To be very fair to A Twist in Time , Cinderella and the Prince had been Happily Married for a year before Lady Tremaine magically turned back the clock and they had to fall in love all over again. The movie seemed to imply that something of their memories of that year remained. As far as we know, both of the main couples in Dalmatians since the story jumps from their Meet Cute to their wedding. But, hey, maybe they had some offscreen dates.

Lady and the Tramp : Technically they had only one really long date, and a lot of fights, but things work out in the end! Then again, they're dogs, so we need to measure the length of their relationship in dog years. The Princess and the Frog : Prince Naveen and Tiana seem to spend a couple days together before Naveen proposes and they get married some unspecified time after. Unlike some disputable examples, there's no way this could actually take place over a long period because of time framing with Mardi Gras which, accurately in this movie, is not always.

Played straight at the end of Atlantis: The Lost Empire where Milo decides to stay in Atlantis with Kida after knowing her for a couple of days. Beauty and the Beast averts this trope since the movie spans from around fall to spring, making Belle and the Beast spending time to understand each other's bad and good points for three or more months making this much more reasonable time for courtship.

Aladdin also averts this with the most thing done in the first movie is an engagement. Aladdin and Jasmine arguably spend the longest time understanding and improving their relationship than any couple and it takes until the third movie before they finally are married for real. Frozen : Lampshaded, subverted, and deconstructed with Anna and Hans becoming engaged very quickly, and every character who knows about it including even Anna and Hans themselves acknowledge how unusual it is.

Rather than this trope being the cure for isolation and abuse , this movie treats it rather as a symptom , for both Anna and Hans. After years of isolation and neglect as Elsa was deliberately acting aloof in order to keep her powers controlled and secret , Anna Desperately Craves Affection and Thinks Like a Romance Novel and so confuses companionability for True Love , not having much reference for an actual healthy relationship. The engagement ends before the wedding, since Hans turns out to be a Gold Digger , his own neglect as the youngest of Massively Numbered Siblings turning him ruthless.

Played with further when Kristoff brings Anna, to his family of trolls and they assume it's because the two, who have barely known each other a day, are romantically involved. When the trolls find out that's not the case, they try to conduct a wedding for them on the spot , despite the fact that neither of them is interested. The two become an Official Couple later on, but take things slowly when they do.

Noticeably averted in Nexus when June tells Jack that his father didn't even like her when they met and only seemed to start warming up to her after a month as she states that's how long it took him to stop calling her 'girl. Yes, Sam was a factor. The author did the math on the Flynn Lives ARG and realized that there was less than two years between their meeting and her death Bait and Switch STO : Eleya has only known Gaarra for roughly six months when they get married, and they never traditionally dated because she's his superior officer.

Justified : their wedding is stated in one story to have been a spur-of-the-moment decision before the Battle of Iconia, which it's strongly implied they didn't expect to actually survive the canon version in Star Trek Online all but wiped out The Alliance. Lampshaded in Yandere Sumia , which points out that Chrom has only just met Olivia, a reference to how Olivia canonically joins just before Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem Awakening , in which Chrom chooses a bride at the end. Naturally, Sumia ends up killing Olivia, too, leading Chrom to hastily move on to the Female Avatar and then the "generic village girl.

Dorothy knows Bud from church, but the two aren't exactly friends and don't talk much. He claims to be in love with her and plans on proposing to her if her uncle agrees. Dorothy doesn't like Bud back, but she doesn't know what to do besides agree to his proposal. Exaggerated in Blind Courage. Zelda and Ganondorf meet each other less than six times before Ganondorf proposes. This is excused as Reincarnation Romance and Love at First Sight making them naturally drawn to one another.

Zelda's childhood nursemaid and Parental Substitute Impa lampshades this trope when she asks Ganondorf why he wants to marry a woman he's known for a week. Film — Animation. Faeries has the Prince and Brigid who marry the same day they meet. Shrek , while subverting so much else, plays this trope straight: he and Fiona have only two days together before their "true love's first kiss" at the end, which is more apparent since the passage of time is a plot point due to Fiona's curse. There's a scene skip before they leave for their honeymoon that could have been a long engagement, but from the context it was probably Why Waste a Wedding?

Averted in Despicable Me 2 , in that, although the cut is right to the wedding date after the bad guy is defeated, a title card mentions " dates [approximately 6 months]" later. The Swan Princess looks like it's going to subvert this twice. First the hero and the heroine, Prince Derek and Princess Odette, are introduced to each other as children and hate each other the whole time.

Jess And Dom From Love Island Are Wedding Dress Shopping! - Say Yes To The Dress UK

After reaching adulthood Derek sees Odette is all grown up and proposes to her, but that turns out to be a shallow love that sees only her beauty and nothing else. But then after being kidnapped Odette suddenly thinks of Derek as her true love and Derek likewise, so the trope ultimately ends up being played straight due to their lack of real interaction. In Thumbelina , the title character falls in love with a fairy prince after half an hour and goes on a quest to find him and marry him. This is all just because he's the same size as she. Thumby: I think I'm gonna marry him. The Nostalgia Chick : I mean I've known him for all of twelve hours!

Film — Live-Action. Romancing the Stone - though somewhat justified in that Joan Wilder is herself a romance novelist and a self-confessed hopeless romantic. She knows How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days but he can make a woman fall in love with him that same length of time?

In Test Pilot , Jim and Ann get married after one day together. Possibly justified on Ann's part since Jim is a cool test pilot who crash-landed on her farm. Notably averted with Mia and Nicholas: he confesses his love for her right before her coronation but it's implied that they merely continued dating and got married somewhere down the line as opposed to getting married right away, which fits in with Mia's Character Development as an independent woman.

All appearances to the contrary, that scene in the throne room with him kneeling down wasn't actually a proposal.

Blind Date | Miami New Times

The Mummy - Rick and Evie fall in love less than three days after they first met. And it's implied they marry very soon if not immediately after the ending, since The Mummy Returns shows that their son Alex is exactly as old as their relationship. Speed - Subversion Because they cited statistics that indicated that how their relationship started meant it wouldn't last.

And indeed, it didn't. The only reason it didn't is because Keanu Reeves didn't want to do the sequel. The original script did have them already married. What Price Hollywood? Practical Magic is another subversion. The first time one of the sisters falls, we don't know how long it took. The second time the same woman falls, it's her own doing because she sent for him herself.

The Saint also had this happen. He counted her as a mark, romanced her to get to his target, and found himself falling in love with her. She took longer because she was pissed off at him stealing from her. But by the end of the week, they were in love. The Singles 2nd Ward : Dallen and Christine get engaged after dating for two days. Splash - Four or five days is enough for him to completely abandon his life on land to be with her.

Enchanted at first makes fun of Love at First Sight , but by the end, the main couple ends up with a textbook Fourth Date Marriage and the Beta Couple run off and get married one of them leaving her entire life behind after knowing each other for about an hour. Princess O'Rourke : Maria and Eddie have known each for only a day, and Eddie pops the question that night. He doesn't even know that she's a princess. The Heartbreak Kid : Subverted in that the girl Eddie marries after around a month suddenly has a disturbingly quick and negative personality shift.

Then, it's played straight when Eddie decides to divorce said wife when he falls in love with a girl after two days. Somewhat justified in that he'd been pining over her photo for years, but she'd only just met him. Well, he did make a heck of a first impression. There's also a difference between sex between two people in a stressful situation and committing to marriage.

Technically, he had several years to do this, but nobody noticed the deadline until it was only one month away. Goldfish Memory features one couple meeting, getting together and planning a family in less time then it takes one partner to realise she's already pregnant from a one-night stand just before they met.

Multiple other couples manage to meet, break up, get engaged, and all manner of other things in the same period. Notably, one character romances two women, the women themselves get together and then break up, and go on to new relationships. Meanwhile, the man has met a third woman, who's subverted his usual methods including a spiel which is a incorrect and b the source of the Title Drop six ways from Sunday.

Last Girl Wins. The first couple plays it straight at first, but doesn't end up marrying. The second couple falls in love within a matter of weeks, but doesn't marry until a year later. They get engaged at most five weeks later, to be wed a fortnight onward. She realizes on the eve of the wedding that she has no idea who he is and breaks off the engagement by making out with the titular flirty-best-friend of ten years and Man of Honor in the middle of the ceremony In Designing Woman , Mike Hagen and Mirella Brown get married after only knowing each other for a week or so.

Charles is quick on his decision in The Lady Eve. He proposes to Jean after a couple of dates on the boat. Later he proposes to Eve after seeing her for a couple of weeks. Inverted in the original Stargate movie. Daniel Jackson is given Sha'uri as a gift, but it isn't until a day or so later that he even realizes that they're already married.

By the end of the movie, he's fallen in love and decided to stay on Abydos with her. Further justified in that staying on Abydos would have been his dream come true even without a beautiful woman involved, since he's an archaeologist with a ruined career and no family to go back to. Hitch All it takes is three dates to sweep a woman off her feet. Hitch says he can get you past the first three dates, but you're on your own after that. Of the relationships in the movie, only two end up in marriage, and only one of them is a Fourth Date Marriage.

Played with in While You Were Sleeping , in which Peter dramatically proposes to Lucy despite having properly met her twice, and plans to get married to her what would appear to be a few days later, because he thinks they're already engaged and he merely has Laser-Guided Amnesia about her they weren't and he hasn't, but thinks he does due to a rather tangled series of events.

Why Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's Great Love Affair Unraveled

In One Night with the King , Esther meets the king face to face only once to fall in love with him. It takes a second meeting for the king to propose to her and marry her. In Monster-in-Law , Kevin and Charlie had dated for about a month before he proposed to her. Kevin's mother was not pleased. Kind of the whole point of Designing Woman not to be confused with Designing Women. Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall meet and marry after a few days, and hijinks ensue once they realize how different they are. It works out OK in the end. When in Rome starts out at the wedding of the protagonist's sister.

Whilst she and the best man are dancing, they both admit they don't think it'll last 'cause the couple have known each other for two weeks. Most of Love Actually is set during the month before Christmas, with a month-long Time Skip near the end, so this happens in a couple of the subplots: Jamie proposes to Aurelia despite knowing her for roughly a month and not even speaking the same language.

Note that he was living with another woman who cheated on him with his brother just before meeting her. John and Judy are also married at the end. While they seem to have known each other for a while, their relationship was only about a month old. In a variant, Daniel and Carol are only dating at the end, having met a month earlier on Christmas Eve Kind of rushing it, don't you think? Hell Fighters , the John Wayne homage to Oil Well firefigther Red Adair, has him as Chance Buckman, the best oil well fire fighter in the world, who has as his best employee Greg Parker, a man who's found a sure-fire method to get women he meets to go to bed with him: he brings them to the fire.

When Chance is critically injured in an accident, his friend tells Greg to go get Chance's previously unknown daughter Tish who was living with her mother so she can see him in case he dies. Chance is still under anaesthesia when their office gets called that a fire has broken out. It's money, so everyone goes, except Tish, who wants to go, but everyone in the company including Greg who knows about Greg's womanizing, realize it wouldn't be a good idea if Chance found out that Greg took his daughter to a fire.

She then shows up on her own anyway. When she goes back to see her father when he wakes up from anaesthesia after surgery, she innocently tells her father that she went to a fire with Greg. Chance calls Greg into the hospital room and cold cocks him for taking his daughter to a fire, only to discover that almost immediately after they met at the fire, Greg and Tish got married.

This turns out to be the twist in Days of Summer. Summer breaks up with Tom and marries another man several months later. She tells Tom that it felt right with her husband. John Carter has the Big Bad actually, he's The Dragon offer to marry Dejah in order to stop the ancient feud between the city-states of Helium and Zodanga. Naturally, it's only a political marriage and doesn't fit this trope, except John Carter offers to marry Dejah after knowing her for only a few days. We never find out how their marriage would have turned out, as he is sent back to Earth by the real Big Bad the following night and spends the next 10 years looking for a way to return to Mars.

Spaceballs has this happen between Lone Star and Princess Vespa. When they meet, she's the spoiled royal brat and he the less than utterly thrilled hired help who's only there because her father promised him a bucketload of money. Rescue Romance quickly ensues as they first run from, then fight the evil eponymous Spaceballs over the course of perhaps a few in-universe days, and finally they end up getting somewhat spontaneously married at the end.

The last part is actually somewhat justified since finding another prince also allows Vespa to legitimately get out of her arranged marriage to Prince Valium at the very last second A running theme in The Last Picture Show. Taken Up to Eleven in The Shop Around the Corner , where the female lead falls in love with the hero by reading his letters and considers getting engaged without having even seen him once. In Notorious , Honey Trap Ingrid Bergman gets the villain to propose to her after a couple of dates, although they had met before and it's implied he'd been carrying a torch for years.

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In Titanic , right before the ship hits the iceberg, Rose tells Jack that when the ship docks, she's getting off with him. Somewhat justified, as transatlantic cruises such as the Titanic and her sister ship Olympic were known for people meeting and falling in love during the six or so day voyage; the only unrealistic bit is this happening between people of different social classes. Also, she's desperately unhappy, and looking for any way to get away from Hockley - she was about to kill herself earlier, it's no surprise she'd grab onto Jack like that.

And of course, we don't know how it would have turned out long-term anyway. Invoked in Seven Chances , where the hero, being single, is required to be married the same day by 7 p. She is engaged by Christmas Eve, less than a month later. Carry On Up the Khyber had the powerful CPT Keene from the British Army, who finds out that the beautiful Princess Jheli from the occupied Indian state of Khalabar is in love with him, and he falls in love with her too. They meet up about three or four times and then they later reveal that they are engaged at the British governors' dinner party.

The newest Nicholas Sparks offering, The Choice has the hero declaring his love for the heroine after only a month and proposing to her in that time. The next scene is of their wedding in all fairness, there may have been a Time Skip. In the Chinese film Mermaid , Xuan proposes to Shan on the second day they meet. Shan incredulously replies that this is coming far too soon, but Xuan insists that this qualifies as going slow for him because he spent an entire night agonizing over the decision instead of following his impulses right away.

It ends up taking quite a bit longer for them to marry. In Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears , it's invoked and actively discussed in the second part of the film although we aren't shown when the actual marriage takes place, it's considered a settled affair in the end.

Gosha : Getting married after two days of knowing each other is simply the height of foolishness. You must think it over very well. Say, for five days. In A Brother's Price this is what happens if you're lucky. If you're not, expect to marry someone you don't know at all, and if you are a girl, the husband may even be chosen by your stupid big sister , for whom it is Fourth Date Marriage , so you can end up in an abusive relationship even if your sister is not usually a Horrible Judge of Character.

In Anansi Boys , Charlie proposes to Daisy after just a few meetings. Granted, proposing to her on the spot was about the only way he could save their lives It Makes Sense in Context , but after the threat has passed, he doesn't pull out of it but instead solidifies it with an actual engagement ring instead of the symbolic engagement lime. In the third Beka Cooper book, Beka and Farmer decide to marry after knowing each other for two or three weeks. Granted, it was a busy month, but still kind of jarring compared to the long-term relationship in Pierce's other books.

Towards the end of the series, Miles' marriage proposals were heading for this territory as he became increasingly desperate. Elena, he waited seventeen years to propose. Elli, although they'd known each other for several years, he proposed on their first date and kept on proposing even after being shot down repeatedly. And with Ekaterin, he proposed before she even knew she was being courted.

He panicked. In Diplomatic Immunity , Lieutenant Corbeau and Garnet Five start making marriage plans after only knowing each other for a few days at most. Miles considers suggesting that this isn't enough time to base such a significant decision on, then reflects on his history with Ekaterin and decides he lacks moral standing on this point. Twilight : Zigzagged.

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Bella begs Edward to turn her into a vampire after exactly 60 days knowing him so they can be in a relationship forever. By that time, they have been officially in a relationship for nine days, and the rest they spent mostly without speaking to each other. Obviously, this is worse than her begging him to just marry her deciding to give up your humanity in exchange for being with a vampire you've known for two months?

Their wedding in Breaking Dawn happens two years after they first met. This is played as an extreme Jerkass move, however, as he'd only just buried his previous wife.