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Il fatto che le donne, non solo di cultura e di religione islamica, usassero il copricapo e il velo, tende a essere, in epoca odierna, dimenticato dalla cultura occidentale. Coprire il proprio capo era usanza sia degli uomini sia delle donne, e divenne, poi, obbligatorio in certe circostanze. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, In this thought-provoking book, Silvia Valisa focuses on eight female figures which are representative of gender issues in the modern Italian novel.

Chapter 1 discusses the character of Ge l rtrude, introduced by Manzoni in Fermo e Lucia , and developed in I promessi sposi Two further female characters are analyzed in chapter 3: Donna Violante from Le storie del castello di Trezza by Giovanni Verga, and Nanna from In risaia by Marchesa Colombi. Chapters 4 and 5 move into the twentieth century. The work of these scholars interrogates the ways in which different ideological backgrounds condition the production of specific narrations.

The choice to concentrate on characters, rather than exclusively on the plot or on the structure of the stories, is deliberate. Following Louis Althusser and Teresa de Lauretis on this issue, Valisa assumes that ideologies like narratives never happen in a vacuum; they are always already embodied in the concrete individuals that ideology requires to be operative. The author therefore subverts the assumption of Aristotelian Poetics according to which characters are subordinated to action, and consequently plot is the first principle of narration. By means of this approach, Valisa also criticizes the sometimes one-sided application of structuralist methodology to literary texts.

Italian Boolshelf The eight female characters under discussion show different degrees of all- too-human unruliness. They rebel against the attempts to contain them within the ideology underlying the stories in which they act. This is the case when that ideology is represented by religious beliefs Manzoni , and the same happens with the ideologies subjacent to family values and gender expectations, as in Neera, Verga, and Colombi. In Masino, the character also rebels against the injunctions of the narrator, who is trying to submit the protagonist to its dictates, to the rules of a dynamic, diachronic development of the story.

Contradictions and inconsistencies — dissonances — arise from a variety of female characters who do not resign themselves to be the narrative background of someone or something else. These characters turn out to be problematic not only for a husband, but also for religion and, in the most outrageous cases, for the novel itself.

By underscoring the lines of tension within which each single character should be understood, the author succeeds in not fetishizing her narrative points of reference, that is to say, in not isolating a character from its formal context. That failure, the author argues, is exemplified by the gender dissonances disseminated above all in Aracoeli, but it is also the condition for narration to exist on the imaginary level.

Otherwise, Aracoeli would not assume the shape that she has; she would not be told as she is. When the eight protagonists become aware of the injustice they suffer from, do they not gain a somehow privileged point of view on their condition, although negatively, that is to say, through suffering?

Italian Boolshelf that grief really nothing more than another ideological construction, or is it rather a clear epistemological signal — an index veritatis — that something in society has to be changed? That suffering is perhaps the affection which could trigger a specific reaction, once again affective. As for the latter, faculties and graduate students focusing on post-feminist theory and the burgeoning field of affect studies will undoubtedly find food for thought. I Giunta a Madrid: vicende e documenti.

Biblioteca di Paratesto 9. Pisa: Fabrizio Serra Editore, Firenze: Firenze University Press, Italian Boolshelf Settecento aveva visto, se non la nascita, di sicuro la propria affermazione con i lavori di Maittaire e Orlandi: gli annali tipografici. Nonostante il rimpatrio di Laire, qualche lettera ancora giunse da Sens a Firenze a ridosso della pubblicazione degli annali giuntini. Burgos: por Juan de Junta M. In fol. A cette occasion, je dirai que dans cette meme ville, on voit en un Philippe Junta, sans doute fils ou petit-fils de Jean. Historia aliquot nostri saeculi martyrum.

Italian Boolshelf oggi strumento bibliografico di riferimento. Per Lione, tuttavia, egli si limita a un rinvio alla sesta serie della Bibliographie lyonnaise di Henri Baudrier,5 pubblicata nel A Madrid invece, dal al ca. Baudrier, Lyon: L. Brun, Italian Boolshelf fuori dai confini nazionali e, in special modo, nella penisola iberica fino agli anni Settanta del Novecento.

Tutti i lavori citati sono puntualmente inseriti nella Bibliografia segnaletica essenziale da Santoro. Whitesell a p. Italian Boolshelf trascrizioni [13] Non mancano — e vista la fonte utilizzata, sarebbe stato strano il contrario — atti notarili che riguardano affari privati di Giulio in quanto membro della grande famiglia dei Giunta. La causa dovette essere piuttosto impegnativa, visto che — secondo il documento n. Scrivere un libro di novelle. Giovanni Boccaccio autore, lettore, editore. Memoria del tempo Ravenna: Longo Editore, This volume gathers together, in part, a number of studies previously published by Lucia Battaglia Ricci on Giovanni Boccaccio, his manuscripts, and his book of one hundred stories, Decameron.

While some chapters have appeared in print before, two chapters are new 4 and 5 , and the volume is bookended with two short chapters of previously unpublished preliminary and concluding remarks. The earliest essay dates from , while the most recent appeared contemporaneously with the volume under review, though they have all been reworked and updated.

Turning to Boccaccio, we are in a very different position with respect to autographs, with numerous books surviving not just of his own work but also of the work of Petrarch and Dante, among others. Italian Boolshelf This discussion is especially relevant to the Paris manuscript, whose drawings have been attributed to Boccaccio himself; Battaglia Ricci casts judicious doubt on these attributions. The appendix examines the remarkable catchwords in MS Ham. For Boccaccio writing, copying, and learning were intimately related tasks.

Battaglia Ricci looks at the final story of the Decameron Day Italian Boolshelf parts. Boccaccio emerges as a richly varied author, influenced by a wide range of texts and seeking to express that range and variety in his own work. The most compelling part of the book, to my mind, was the first, with its valuable and acutely synthetic discussion of Boccaccio as scribe, maker of books and all that goes into them. This discussion, nourished by the foundational contributions of Marco Cursi and Maurizio Fiorilla, amongst the most brilliant scholars working on the topic, beautifully sets the tone for how such analyses should proceed, carefully unpicking the problems in technical detail while attending to the literary critical implications of that detail.

This is an important book and will be read with profit by all who encounter it. Clarke, University of York Douglas Biow. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, What can you tell about a man from his beard? He does not deny that sixteenth-century identities would have been embedded in culture and shaped by a particular historical moment; rather, he calls us to be more attentive to how a person might have pushed back against those forces in order to distinguish himself.

In questioning to what extent individualism was in fact an important Renaissance value, and how a man could set himself apart from the pack by performing a certain nescio quid, Biow examines a host of writers. Biow divides his work into three sections, devoting a pair of chapters to each of the following topics: vocational texts and theory, in fields ranging from medicine to metallurgy; mavericks who disrupted their professional groups; and the expressive potential of the beard.

Following an amusing section that devises and then rejects possible training grounds for the aspiring courtier a guild system? In short, Biow sees Castiglione as describing what makes a good courtier, while pointedly avoiding any useful information on how to become one. In chapter 5, Biow investigates what he describes as the sudden shift in portraiture, shortly after , in which men go from appearing clean-shaven to showcasing a miscellany of facial hair.

What, he asks, is the root of all this whiskering? Biow proposes that the beard allowed the Renaissance male a unique opportunity to be aligned with a collective and, simultaneously, to present himself as a self-determined man — one both embraced by and free of a communal identity.

Chapter 6 looks at a comedy by Giordano Bruno, the Candelaio, which includes among its props no fewer than five fake beards rich in implications of sexual and social virility. Biow does describe in the introduction how his readings were informed by recent contributions in masculinity studies, but with the compelling exception of the aforementioned chapters on beards, discussion of maleness is on the whole implied rather than explicit.

Italian Boolshelf individuality. And though most professions were indeed exclusively male, Il cortegiano, a text to which Biow returns repeatedly, contains a significant portion theorizing the vocation of the court lady. Biow acknowledges the potential for exploring female individuality at the outset, but leaves it for other scholars to pursue. Boccaccio umanista. Studi su Boccaccio e Apuleio. Ravenna: Longo, According to Candido, Boccaccio engaged with Apuleius throughout his life, and was particularly interested in the fabula of Cupid and Psyche.

Beginning around , Boccaccio worked on several manuscripts of Apuleius at different stages of his literary career. The first chapter provides a summary of recent scholarship on the manuscripts of Apuleius that Boccaccio read and annotated. Chapter two is devoted to the Teseida and the Comedia delle ninfe fiorentine. Chapter five presents a brief excursus on the Elegia di Madonna Fiammetta and the Corbaccio.

The story of Cupid and Psyche is told to comfort a woman in distress see Genealogie Candido does not directly address these fascinating historiographical questions, even though the title of this book might suggest that he would. The Decameron Third Day in Perspective. Toronto: Toronto University Press, The volume collects ten essays by ten different scholars, each one dedicated to a novella of Decameron Day Three.

Although focused on individual novelle, the contributors consistently identify also the rich intertextual network with connections among the other stories of Day Three, as well as with tales from other days, and with contemporary literary and religious texts outside of the Decameron. The volume offers a rich array of methodological approaches, including those based on allegory, historicist perception, structuralism, and economic history. Ultimately, these approaches are successful and offer unique vantage points on the tales of Day Three. A sample of five essays of the ten will help to demonstrate this success.

Italian Boolshelf traditional courtly love. This potential for equality of intellect and spirit is a sign of contemporary society and the possibility for natural ability to overcome rigid social hierarchies. According to the critic, by casting the lowly groom as an adamant follower of refined courtly codes of behavior, Boccaccio pushes courtly love precepts to extreme limits.

In the process, he renders the tale comic, on the one hand, but, on the other hand, he also interrogates the usefulness of those precepts. He originally proposes that the novella demonstrates the shift from the notion of ethereal courtly love to a more realistic, mundane love. Boccaccio presents that more worldly, everyday love in economic terms that make sense within a mercantile society such as existed in the Florence of his day. In this key of reading, one sees the wife as an unhappy customer in the sexual economy of her marriage, who looks elsewhere on the market to satisfy her needs. She argues that in this tale and in the Decameron as a whole, Boccaccio encourages readers to think about various levels of interpretation and perception.

In tale 3. Ultimately, readers are left to read superficially and gain only pleasure from the stories, or, — what Ruthenberg believes Boccaccio wants for us — they can employ reason and achieve a higher level of literary awareness that leads to a higher truth. Italian Boolshelf work during the Plague, a crisis engulfing the entire medieval worldview, and he takes advantage of that moment to propose a new, humanistic perspective.

In this view, one witnesses the turn from theoretical to practical philosophy and the Decameron as a vehicle to convey new ethical implications of literature. Barsella convincingly posits that tale 3. The happy ending of the tale demonstrates that contemporary secular and religious literary discourses failed to establish a working morality for Christian mercantile society. These exemplary essays as well as the remaining five demonstrate the multifaceted methodological approaches and varied perspectives to be found in this volume.

They take into account literary, historical, theological and economic realities and render their analyses more convincing in the process. The editors provide a sense of cohesiveness to the volume in the recurring theme of intertextuality and especially in those essays having to do with courtly traditions and the works of Dante. Brandon K. Essary, Elon University Grupo Tenzone. La canzone, commentata da Dante nel IV libro del Convivio, fu composta nel periodo di intensi studi filosofici successivo alla morte di Beatrice. Umberto Carpi attribuisce tale cambiamento alle condizioni politico- sociali del comune di Firenze al tempo in cui il poeta si dedicava agli studi filosofici.

La loro vicenda sarebbe simile a quella tra la donna gentile, innamorata di se stessa, e Dante. Intuizione che sette secoli di sviluppo di questo modo di produzione, alla cui nascita Dante assiste con indignazione, non hanno fatto altro che confermare Italian Boolshelf Julia Hairston, ed. Toronto: Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, The poet used a variety of genres — lyric, spiritual, occasional verse, prose dialog and epic romance — to offset her reputation as a Roman courtesan. The sonnets follow the tenets of Petrarchism and are steeped in the language of neo-Platonic imagery.

This explains the title of the book, which includes the works of other writers in her circle. She was born in Rome in either or Her mother may have been a sex worker, and she herself may have been illegitimate. Her will stipulated that some of her goods be bequeathed to Celio, a minor, who may have been her illegitimate son. During the mids she established a relationship with Filippo Strozzi, the influential Florentine aristocrat and banker. In Florence she cultivated a relationship with Benedetto Varchi, who became her literary guide and supporter.

The following year she returned to Rome, where she continued to write poetry and was listed as one of prostitutes living in the city. As a courtesan, she would have studied Latin, the classics of the Italian vernacular tradition, and learned to conduct witty conversation. She had to be an accomplished musician, singer and dancer. These were the requisites of the courtesans who serviced the papal court and had access to circles of power.

In the eclogue, Tirrhenia is the pastoral name given to her by Muzio, whose own pastoral name is Mopso. In this and all other chapters of the book Hairston provides copious footnotes to help explain pastoral allusions, place names and geographical locations mentioned in the poems. Additionally, Hairston includes the miscellaneous poems published after the Poems of Signora Tullia di Aragona and by Others to Her , corrected version Nine letters help to reconstruct her life through her correspondence.

A Bibliography and Index are included. This richly annotated and well-researched work about a remarkable path- breaking woman helps the reader visualize how an accomplished and determined female writer could rise above the station of prostitute and endear herself to an adoring circle of powerful male intellectuals. Italian Boolshelf Luca Lombardo. Boezio in Dante: La Consolatio philosophiae nello scrittoio del poeta. Filologia medievali e moderni, Serie occidentale. Volume 4. Luca Lombardo has presented a densely argued single-spaced monograph of over pages in Italian and Latin on the relation of Dante to Boethius.

He next examines the intertextual uses by Dante of Boethius, making use of the digitized commentaries of the Dartmouth Dante Project assembled by Professor Robert Hollander, first discussing the obvious parallels, next the allusive ones, finally the least certain, the first section of the monograph dealing more with the Convivio, the second with the Commedia, and finally, more on the Vita Nova. As I remarked earlier, I noted the frequent use in the medieval commentators Pietro Alighieri, Francesco da Buti, etc. In this performing of the music of the period as their setting we found that Dante juxtaposes the psalms and the amorous songs to each other five times, as if they were motets, one mocking, one serious, one profane, the other sacred.

This is how Lombardo concludes his juxtaposition of the use by the authors of their own personae within their texts, taking his cue from Buti , for there is a further layer. Italian Boolshelf same speculum stultorum game: they both present themselves as personae who are asinine, stupid, lost, sinning, as foolish apprentices to Wisdom, as lay figures for ourselves who, as readers, then learn, through these personae, to undo our folly. Martin and Paola Ugolini, eds. Toronto: Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.

Gambara learned to read and compose in Latin and at twenty-three married her cousin Giberto X, Count of Correggio, a fifty-year-old widower. Two sons, Ippolito and Girolamo, were born in and Giberto, a condottiere, died in battle in , and left his widow to govern Correggio, educate their sons, and bring up his children by a prior marriage. Ippolito became a soldier and Girolamo rose to become a cardinal. A successful poet, Gambara succeeded as a politician and a stateswoman, securing alliances which protected Correggio. She celebrated the literati, congratulated Emperor Charles V, wrote to gain favors and positions for her sons, and cultivated her persona as a grieving, chaste widow.

She left behind letters that demonstrate that she befriended and corresponded with powerful people and contemporary intellectuals and writers. Some of her eighty poems are exercises in diplomacy and flattery. Others celebrate the landscape of her beloved Correggio or they mourn the death of her husband. She managed to keep her court and community at peace in a society threatened by brutal armies, acting shrewdly to defend her territory.

Like other women poets of the Renaissance, she explored what it was to be a woman in love. Her authentic individual tone suggests that writing was a vocation she wished she had more time for, not a marginal activity. She was also influenced by the classical pastoral tradition of Theocritus, Longus, Virgil and Ovid when she described the natural world. Her first madrigal was published in She relied on Petrarchan conventions but she transformed her lyrics to suit her needs. Finally, in her poems were published in a single printed edition, Rime e lettere di Veronica Gambara, edited by Felice Rizzardi.

The poems are divided into the following sections: poems of love, poems of place, poems of correspondence and encomia, political poems, spiritual poems, and stanze. The numerous footnotes and the bibliography guide the reader to the further study of this very important but underrepresented, until now, female poet.

This book contains the latest results in the ongoing investigation on the notions of friendship and sociability in pre-modern Europe. The introduction presents a thorough discussion of the friendship between Michelangelo and Vittoria Colonna and contains also a useful bibliography.

The ten articles are grouped in three parts. The third article might have been better placed at the beginning of the chapter for chronological reasons but nevertheless rightly belongs in this section. Italian Boolshelf Beatrice and Guido Calvancati is essential to an understanding of the philosophical bases of the friendship and love perceived in this period.

According to Bernier, by means of his papers, Bayle establishes the basis of the erudite friendship which he defends and which he promotes for a vaster republic of letters. All these articles explore the diverse characteristics of friendship and the erudite, political, religious and commercial exchanges in the analysis of these networks as well as their larger-scale consequences.

Italian Boolshelf international impact, shaped civilization as we know it today, thereby enriching previous investigations and establishing solid bases for further study. Questione di lingua. Il primo capitolo si sofferma su Trissino, Machiavelli e Tolomei. Sulla scia di Thomas M. Green, Mongiat Farina sottolinea come i giochi scartati abbiano come obiettivo la conoscenza, al contrario di quello prescelto che propone un percorso di formazione.

Dublin: Four Courts Press, The essays published in this collection, originally delivered in the context of the annual Dante Series at the University of Dublin in and , represent a valuable contribution to the study of the crucial and complex issues of nature and art in Dante. As one understands from the subtitle of the volume, Literary and Theological Essays, these issues are explored in an interdisciplinary perspective that does not include only literature and theology but also the visual arts and philosophy. Two of these essays are particularly important in clarifying the two themes at the center of the volume.

In this sense the term is close to the concept of art in ancient philosophy where it was related to planned practical skills. On the one hand, artista may allude to an artisan or craftsman as in Paradiso Finally, arte for Dante implies skills and techniques that the artist must master, and is not opposed to science or nature; above all it points beyond itself, to a world of values that create its dignity. The second essay that plays an important role in elucidating the two major topics at the center of the volume is Simon A. In this sense the cosmos is the Book of God through which humans may apprehend the divine artificer behind it.

This vision of nature had ancient roots and was developed particularly by twelfth-century theology. Italian Boolshelf more philosophical and appears related above all to the recovery and reception of Aristotle and his Arab and Latin commentators. This hierarchy is confirmed in the extended literary description of the visual arts of Purgatorio where God is the artificer of the engravings, superior to all human artists and natural realities.

However, Dante conceives nature as closely linked to the planets and their angelic movers. The other essays in the collections contribute in different ways to the general theme of the volume. Italian Boolshelf combination of Aeneas and Paul, a hero and a poet-prophet.

In conclusion, the volume Nature and Art in Dante is an important addition to the bibliography on these themes. Autunno del Rinascimento. Prefazione di Mario Praz. Biblioteca di Lettere Italiane, Studi e Testi. Leo S. Olschki Editore. Rerum memorandarum libri.

A cura di Marco Petoletti. Firenze: Le Lettere, Italian Boolshelf e composto da solo tre capitoli il terzo addirittura interrotto , in cui sono trattati gli esempi di modestia. In the introduction to The Renaissance from an Italian Perspective: An Anthology of Essays , editor Rocco Rubini enumerates his motivations and criteria for compiling this collection of essays. Italian Boolshelf society? Can we say today that these complexities have been resolved? These are but a few of the penetrating questions with which one must grapple in dealing with these essays.

Each essay is densely laden with social and historical implications, and rife with value judgments and sharp critiques. Because the Renaissance failed to produce political autonomy for Italy, and was followed instead by a period marked by foreign domination and historical decline, it could not represent for the Italian consciousness a moment of unqualified progress despite the advances it heralded.

Characterized by a sense of urgency and moral certitude, the writings of Spaventa, De Sanctis and Fiorentino represent the period of the late Risorgimento. Spaventa calls for a new system of learning, and De Sanctis rejects the Renaissance intellectual. The next generation of scholars who carry the torch of their predecessors is represented by Gentile and Croce. Grassi, Garin and Cantimori provide the post- war perspective, characterized by a reappraisal of the role and influence of Renaissance humanism.

For them, humanist thought and method are essential to the development of modern sensibilities and civilization. It is his thesis that all academic and scientific endeavors are outgrowths of humanism. Italian Boolshelf The epilogue to the volume comes from Dionisotti and returns to the issues initially raised in the introduction. He points out the role that history has played in the shifting relationship between Italian scholarship and the Renaissance.

According to Rubini, however, there is knowledge to be gleaned from the contributions of scholars such as De Sanctis, and value to be gained from continuing to include their considerations in discussions of the Renaissance. This volume is a testament to the ongoing dialogue that exists between the past and present, as modern Renaissance scholars continue to puzzle their way through matters of national identity and philosophy, ever plagued by questions of historical subjectivity.

How can any scholar look upon history with an unbiased eye, without seeing his or her own world view reflected at any given moment in time? Rather than offer an exposition on Italian Renaissance scholarship, it, instead, poses a challenge to future generations to find their own place within the dialogue begun over a century ago. Scholars must strive to answer the questions which inevitably arise from the consideration of texts such as these, and in so doing approach a better understanding of themselves and their own influences, as well as those of the thinkers who came before.

Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, This volume of eleven papers by as many scholars spans four centuries and several countries, including England, Spain, France, and Italy. Italian Boolshelf other personal identifiers. Archival documents, Brizio claims, reflect real-life practices more accurately than statutes and other normative literature commonly examined by historians; through a careful reading of these newly analyzed documents primarily, notarial records , Brizio shows the extent of the autonomy and economic freedom enjoyed by Sienese women in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries — much greater than, for example, the autonomy of their Florentine counterparts.

My two main critiques, however, are addressed to the press the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies in Toronto , and not to the generally thoughtful, original, and well researched essays themselves. The binding, as well, should have been done better: after one reading, my brand-new copy is already falling apart in many places.

That said, there is much to recommend this eclectic book to scholars — both historians and literary critics — working on, or interested in learning more about, the representation of women in early modern Europe. Michele Marrapodi.

Young Italian Architects - Casa dell'Architettura di Roma

Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, Michele Marrapodi has been writing about English and Italian cultural relations since the s. This most recent volume, which he has edited with his usual care, consists of eighteen essays by scholars whose concerns go beyond the identification of borrowed sources. The Merchant seems to have been conceived with precisely such an idea in mind. This notion sheds light on the strange and chilling moment when Coriolanus forgets the name of a poor Volscian who has given him aid. The moment seems trivial but it foreshadows what will happen to Coriolanus at the end, when he cannot bring himself to utter his own name, the name he has earned in battle at Corioles, upon entering the home of the arch enemy Aufidius.

In that home, of course, there will be no riconoscenza for Coriolanus. Italian Boolshelf The danger, of course, in setting out to discover evidence of political engagement is to see such evidence where perhaps it does not exist. Bruce W. Horatio Palavicino was not only a merchant and a politician but apparently also a whoremonger. Italian Boolshelf near the Curtain theatre. Together, however, these essays constitute a significant contribution to our understanding of the way in which Shakespeare read and responded to his Italian predecessors.

Poetry and Identity in Quattrocento Naples. Farnham- Burrington: Ashgate, Pp, La posizione del poeta si manifesta nelle caratteristiche formali e contenutistiche delle opere, denotanti vari gradi di capitale culturale. Italian Boolshelf costituita da molteplici campi e pratiche in competizione tra loro.

Nei primi tre capitoli Soranzo esamina il Parthenopeus e De amore coniugali tramite i vari fili che legano le opere al loro contesto discorsivo, delineando come Pontano negozia le proprie origini umbre e la sua assimilazione della cultura aristocratica napoletana. Spostatosi lo sguardo al campo della filosofia e della religione, il quinto capitolo esamina la rinegoziazione del proprio carisma da parte di Pontano dopo la caduta della dinastia aragonese. Italian Boolshelf capitolo, che discute un progressivo allontanamento di Sannazaro da Pontano con il De partu Virginis.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, Students of Italian literature typically encounter the history of Italy at the time of the rise of vernacular literary records, around the mid-thirteenth century. The relationship between urban life and literary production is already something of a given by that time; indeed, in De vulgari eloquentia Dante maps the various vernaculars of northern Italy on an urban grid.

The governmental model associated with these cities, that of the commune, is likewise in place, so the question of how the commune was born does not seep into literary studies. It turns out, however, that the commune has a fascinating history and an impressive documentary record, now mediated by Chris Wickham in this excellent book. The author devotes a chapter each to Milan, Pisa, and Rome, as well as one to a review of several other cities that furnish further comparisons to the three principals. The makers of the commune did not partake of the sort of self-aware constitutionalism we see elsewhere; rather, they more or less stumbled upon their new government.

Italian Boolshelf were all pretty much up to the same thing. Moreover, just as Wickham describes an ideal-type commune, so too does his history record a more or less consistent set of conditions that allow the commune to emerge. Important too is an older tradition of urban assemblies, such as the Milanese collectio, that morphed into the consulatus or concio, an organized urban deliberative body.

Rather, they could come from lower landholding classes, and many had training in the law. With economic interests to protect, these men sought compromise with fellow citizens to ensure urban stability, applying their collective knowledge and energies to the protection of the city from external and internal threats. At the same time, however, one can see how the presence of multiple landholders in and around urban areas would encourage the sort of dialogue that would aim to preserve property rights and limit encroachment. Wickham is a cautiously speculative historian; he hews to his documents, allowing them to tell only as much of the story as they can tell.

Full Text Available Partendo dal caso degli ufficiali della gendarmeria francese, questo articolo illustra il modo in cui il reclutamento e la formazione possono contribuire, informalmente, alla ripartizione del potere nelle organizzazioni di polizia. The aim of this study is to give an account of past restoration procedures. The evidence of a former retouching campaign will be presented with cross-sectional images obtained non-invasively with Optical Coherence Tomography OCT.

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Delicta reservata seu delicta graviora: la disciplina dei crimini rimessi alla competenza della Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede. Introduzione alle fattispecie — 4. La procedura — 8. Qualche considerazione di sistema. Ferrihydrite flocs, native copper nanocrystals and spontaneous remediation in the Fosso dei Noni stream, Tuscany, Italy. Water pollution mostly derives from two tributaries, one of which adds Cu and the other Zn. Downstream, water pollution is progressively remediated through the spontaneous precipitation of abundant, deeply-colored flocs.

Within 1 km, flocs change from yellow-red to whitish and green, as the pH increases from 4. Flocs are initially amorphous; with a near-neutral pH, their X-ray diffraction properties suggest the presence of two-line ferrihydrite. Transmission electron microscopy reveals major nanotextural modifications in flocs along the entire stream.

Upstream, flocs consist of globular particles with a radius of nm. Downstream, they change to globular particles with elongated features. Lastly, further downstream, flocs consist of elongated features interconnected by continuous films. Nanochemical data are consistent with Al and Fe hydroxides largely contaminated by S, Si, Ca, Cu and Zn ; the Cu content increases progressively downstream to a maximum of 18 at.

The increasing Cu content is paralleled by the appearance of isolated Cu nanocrystals adsorbed on floc surfaces. Spontaneous processes in the Fosso dei Noni stream water neutralization, formation of ferrihydrite-like flocs and crystallization of native Cu allow the temporary storage of Cu, providing hints on how to optimize remediation processes and Cu recovery. Full Text Available The article discusses the issue of how strongly contemporary ecclesiological and scholarly approach to the Sacred Scripture is rooted in the Second Vatican Council Constitution Dei Verbum.

The Bible originates from the faith of the Church, and, together with Tradition, helps to build this faith. The text consists of three sections. The first one focuses on God, who reveals Himself and His plan of salvation to man. The last part emphasises how important it is for man to respond to the Word of God, which will enable the salvific dialogue of man with his Father, through His Son in the Holy Spirit.

The idea of organizing a symposium on mathematical models in biology came to some colleagues, members of the Accademia dei Lincei, in order to point out the importance of mathematics not only for supplying instruments for the elaboration and the evaluation of experimental data, but also for discussing the possibility of developing mathematical formulations of biological problems.

This appeared particularly appropriate for genetics, where mathematical models have been of historical importance. Therefore not all branches of biology Activity concentrations were analysed using a high resolution co-axial HPGe gamma ray spectrometer system. These zones experienced granitic intrusions produced by denudation and tectonism. The area requires further investigation of soil geochemistry and activity concentration of radionuclides in groundwater.

Orientamenti e prospettive attuali di ricerca. Potere politico, potere amministrativo e potere giurisdizionale in tema di diritti dei gruppi religiosi in Italia — 6. Ragioni della politica e ragioni del diritto: una scelta metodologica. Dubbi, nella fattispecie, sul ruolo del parlamento come organo di garanzia che esercita il controllo sul governo — 7.

Comportamento strutturale e qualita' di campo delle bobine dei dipoli per LHC studio e confronto con i risultati sperimentali. This article presents the designing of a questionnaire as an essential tool for surveying the communicative needs of adult immigrants. Designed for an Italian L2 course held at the CTP in Rozzano Milano and administered to 24 foreigners, the questionnaire was very useful for defining the profile of the single learners and the whole class group, which was dissimilar, and thus not the easiest to conduct. The final interpretation of the data brought to light not only the elements of diversity but they also allowed us to recognize a few interesting common traits, essential for.

Strategic solid waste management in cities in Japan; La gestione strategica dei rifiuti solidi nelle citta giapponesi. SWM Solid Waste Management systems have always been compatible with the societal need at every point of time. In 's it was oriented towards maintaining public health standards mainly to control infectious diseases.

While in 's energy generation was considered as the vital aspect of the system. In 's reduction in waste generation and recycling were officially incorporated in the waste management regulation. By enacting basic law in A. The document explain the actual solid waste strategic management, and related issues, in Japan. Negli anni '50 la gestione era orientata al mantenimento di determinati standard di salute pubblica, principalmente rivolti al controllo della diffusione di malattie infettive, mentre negli anni '70 la produzione di energia dai rifiuti era considerato l'aspetto prioritario per la corretta risoluzione del problema gestionale dei rifiuti.

Negli anni '90 la riduzione della produzione dei rifiuti e il loro riciclaggio sono stati inseriti, come principio, nei documenti per la regolamentazione della gestione dei rifiuti solidi. Con l'approvazione di specifiche normative quadro, a partire dai primi anni del , la societa si avvia ad essere una societa basata sul riciclaggio, nel suo cammino verso la sostenibilita. Nel testo si esaminano i principali aspetti strategici della gestione dei rifiuti solidi, e problematiche annesse, in Giappone. Da questo punto di vista, in che modo lo sport permette la loro coesione e la loro integrazione sociale?

Nuove Tecnologie per il Monitoraggio e la Gestione dei giardini storici. Full Text Available ItSotto la spinta dei cambiamenti socio-economici e di significativi progressi tecnici, la gestione dei giardini storici e degli spazi verdi in genere, sta vivendo un periodo di forte cambiamento ed evoluzione. Introduzione all'analisi qualitativa dei sistemi dinamici discreti e continui.

Il volume si caratterizza per due aspetti: quello induttivo e quello figurativo. L'approccio induttivo si basa su un'ampia gamma di problemi risolti e pensati per introdurre, gradualmente, sia le conoscenze Full Text Available Like all great religions of the world, Christianity is a religion steeped in revelation. It tries to convince its followers that it was through the process of revelation that God made Himself known both in the Old and New Testaments, climaxing in the saving action of Jesus Christ.

Although this is the starting point of Christian revelation, it would surprise many to know that it was only in the last five centuries that Christians started debating the issue and nature of revelation. In the present article, we shall critically examine how Catholic Christians started perceiving the notion of revelation from the Second Vatican Council as enshrined in the Constitution Dei Verbum of the Council and the issues that keep Catholics engaged with regard to it with particular focus upon the relation between Scripture and Tradition and the ensuing tensions.

Full Text Available Questo quartiere negli anni 90 veniva considerato una zona prevalentemente popolare. Numerose famiglie vivono in palazzi occupati, nonostante abbiano presentato presso i servizi pubblici la loro domanda da molti anni. Unionismo fiorentino negli anni Venti. XRF and Raman measurements contributed to the identification of the pigments through the elemental and molecular composition, respectively. In particular, the multi-technique non-invasive approach proved to be crucial for distinguishing two different reddish pigments.

In order to confirm and integrate XRF and Raman results, two micro-destructive laboratory methods, namely optical microscopy OM and scanning electron microscopy coupled with energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry SEM-EDS , were also employed on the same samples. All the experimental results shed light on the material characterizing the painted surface layer and the painting methodologies, providing in principle useful information for proper restoration processes.

It is worth underlining that this experimental investigation takes part of a recent multidisciplinary study performed on this impressive archaeological site, aimed to characterize for the first time the monumental complex from an archaeometric point of view. Crupi, Vincenza, E-mail: vcrupi unime. Properties and processing technologies of polymers for medical devices; Proprieta' e tecnologie di lavorazione dei polimeri utilizzati nei dispositivi medici. The variety of biomaterials applications in medical devices for substitution or functional integration of organs and tissues has remarkably grown.

This has allowed an increased survival of patients affected by traumatic or pathologic events. Biomaterials growing variety and improvement were remarkable and constant over the last twenty years; this fact yielded important clinical effects in every medical area, especially in orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery and dentistry. Performances of medical materials are evaluated according to their bio functionality and biocompatibility. These concepts are strongly connected: bio functionality refers to devices physical and mechanical properties which allow to perform a specific function.

Several transformation methods and different processing technologies allow to obtain products having different physico-chemical and mechanical properties. Among them, chemical and physical stability, biocompatibility, possibility to undergo sterilisation process, control of gases and moisture permeability, control of biodegradation products, wear and fatigue resistance and toughness are the most relevant.

Most of research efforts are devoted to improve reliability and last of biomaterials already used thanks to their bio functionality and biocompatibility. Expected developments of medial devices are associated with the design of bio artificial organs, where biomaterials act as a scaffold for the three-dimensional cells growth.

Questo ha portato ad un aumento della sopravvivenza dei pazienti colpiti da eventi patologici o traumatici. La crescita ed il perfezionamento dei biomateriali e' stata, infatti, nell'ultimo ventennio considerevole e costante ed ha avuto importanti ricadute cliniche in tutte le discipline mediche ed in particolare in ortopedia, in. Questa migrazione di riprese rappresenta una grande occasione per i paesi ospitanti. Since the end of the s Indian producers have been outsourcing an increasing number of film productions to Western countries, and this trend represents an important opportunity for the hosting territories.

Moreover, from few years Indian films are. Somministrazione questionari ad insegnanti. La maggioranza dei bambini frequenta la scuola primaria e qualcuno la secondaria. I casi di accompagnamento positivo sono dovuti all. A high-resolution integrated stratigraphy including biostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, tephrostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy is presented for the upper Tortonian and lower Messinian Upper Miocene at Monte dei Corvi.

Numerical age control comes from a combination of magnetobiostratigrapic. Il problem solving aritmetico: analisi dei processi cognitivi e metacognitivi e illustrazione del software "Risolvere problemi aritmetici". La nuova qualificazione dei docenti di religione: note a margine del D. Il piano dei diritti: incompiute acquisizioni giurisprudenziali - 2. La qualificazione professionale dei docenti alla luce del D. It analyses the rules as well as the abundant case-law in this field, underling the trend that considers the cultural value of catholicism teaching in public school in respect to the context of religious and social pluralism.

Protesta dei ricercatori contro gli editori: politiche di prezzo insostenibili per la ricerca. Nel mirino Elsevier e Springer. Ecce Agnus Dei , qui tollit peccata mundi. Full Text Available The article deals with the symbolic meanings of Agnus Dei in the Middle Ages, its uses, reception and evolution, from the perspective of both religious and cultural history.

The text gives priority to an integral view of the symbol, which, beyond moral analogies, is able to explain the whole history of salvation: Agnus Dei evokes how the salvific facts of the past become present in the Eucharist and extend triumphantly into the future.

The "Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori" National Tumour Institute in Milan Italy offers mediation services aimed at restoring communication between patients and healthcare professionals, when their relationship has been altered by a conflict during the diagnosis or treatment process. A method derived from transformative mediation is used. The purpose of mediation is not to examine clinical aspects, nor to identify who is right and who is wrong.

Individual sessions are often sufficient to reduce litigation. Solid municipal waste management in a mediterranean sea; La gestione dei rifiuti solidi urbani in un'area mediterranea. Falcetta, M. Maria di Galeria, Rome Italy. Development and results of a co-operative project on solid waste management in Palestine. The project was the first part of a broader programme of environmental co-operation between Italy and the Palestinian National Authority. Il progetto si presta ad essere replicato nei Paesi in via di sviluppo mediterranea. Climatic change impacts on italian agricultural ecosystems; Impatto dei cambiamenti climatici negli agroecosistemi italiani.

Maracchi, G. In the last decade it was found specific climatological trends due to increasing available energy in climatic system in Mediterranean area. Such trends mainly concern the modification in extreme events frequency about rainfall distribution and intensity. In late summer and at the beginning of the autumn it was a significant positive trend in Sea Surface Temperature that leads to more severe rainfall events.

During winter time it was a decrease of rainfall and an increase of dry periods. Increasing cloudiness in springtime leads a decrease in the number of frost days. In late springtime it was again a growth of heavy rainfall. All together these phenomena modify the phenology of the cultivated plants lead to an increment of winter and summer forest's fire and to the modification of forest productivity mainly due to a winter drought.

Tali trend consistono prevalentemente in una crescita degli eventi estremi legati alle precipitazioni in termini di intensita' e distribuzione e alle temperature in termini di distribuzione. Alla fine dell'estate e all'inizio dell'autunno si assiste ad un aumento della temperatura del mare anomalia termica positiva che da' luogo ad un incremento degli eventi di precipitazione con un quantitativo cumulato superiore a 60 mm causa, questi ultimi, di frequenti fenomeni alluvionali. Durante l'inverno si assiste invece ad una diminuzione delle precipitazioni con un aumento dei periodi asciutti.

Infine nella tarda primavera si assite ad un anticipo delle fasi di sviluppo delle colture, ad un incremento degli incendi boschivi estivi ed invernali, ad una modifica della tipologia. Architettura e magnificenza nella Palermo del primo Cinquecento : il prospetto denominato di Santa Eulalia dei Catalani. Full Text Available A una attenta analisi, la misteriosa facciata nota come prospetto della chiesa di Santa Eulalia dei Catalani a Palermo risulta essere il frammento superstite di una Loggia realizzata, e forse mai completata, a partire dalla fine degli anni trenta del Cinquecento.

The Catalan community and bankers living in Palermo are doubtless the promoters of an architecture in ancient style, starting after the triumphal entrance in the city of the emperor Carlo V in The study of this building and the hypothesis about its interior space are extremely evealing to understand an architectonical phase in the capital of Sicilian Reign still not well known. Evaluation of the structural health status of the covering of Villa dei Misteri in Pompeii. It is sited just outside the ancient city and takes its name from the superb frescoes cycle depicting ritual mysteries.

The ancient masonry structures, dating from the 2. After the collapse, in the fall of , of a decayed timber beam, the Suprintendence decided to carry out, in collaboration with ENEA, a detailed survey of all the covering structures to evaluate its health status and to assess the safety condition of the monument. This paper illustrates the research methodology developed, which is based on a multidisciplinary approach including historical research, geometrical and structural surveys, damage assessment based on both in situ and laboratory diagnostic test, UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles remote sensing to inspect area and coverings not easy to reach in safe, and, as basis for seismic safety assessment, ambient vibration measurement to characterize the dynamic response of the soil and of the most relevant structural components of the 'Villa'.

The preliminary results of the first stage of the diagnostic campaign are also presented. La materia dei sogni Sbirciatina su un mondo di cose soffici lettore compreso. Questione antropologica e scommessa su una possibile ritessitura dei saperi. Riduzionismo e antiumanesimo , La struttura dei legami , La vita in questione. Potenziamento o compimento dell'essere umano?

According to the perspective of Classical and Christian Thought, and to contemporary developments in the personalist tradition, the authors deal with many issues of the current debate on the human being and human condition. The main place in the discussion is occupied by the critical deal with different forms of anti-humanism, that directly or indirectly arise in the areas of Life Sciences, especially where there are new possibilities of intervention on human nature, opened by technological development.

Investigations, always punctual and documented, analyze issues in a clear way, reporting limits, but also resources and stimulating suggestions coming from the perspectives examined. Potential of polymeric materials for packaging; L'impiego dei materiali polimerici nell'imballaggio.

Le materie plastiche vengono largamente impiegate in questo settore, grazie alla proprieta' molto diversificate: leggerezza, inerzia e resistenza alla corrosione, facile formabilita', buona trasparenza, capacita' di attenuazione delle vibrazioni meccaniche e sonore, elevata conservabilita' nel tempo, elevate caratteristiche dielettriche, ecc. I numerosi metodi di trasformazione attualmente in uso e le diverse tecniche di lavorazione dei materiali polimerici consentono di ottenere i prodotti estremamente variegati. Restringendo il campo di interesse al settore agroalimentare, fortemente sviluppato nel sud-italia, si possono individuare numerose prospettive di crescita per i polimeri utilizzati nell'imballaggio: sviluppo di films polimerici a bassa permeabilita' e ad alta selettivita'; sviluppo della tecnologia dell'atmosfera modificata; sviluppo di films polimerici attivi quali i films antimicrobici o i films trasferitori di odore e di colore.

Il riutilizzo dei nuraghi tra Marmilla e Sarcidano in epoca romana. Full Text Available Riassunto: Il riutilizzo dei nuraghi in epoca romana appare un fenomeno numericamente rilevante e caratteristico delle dinamiche di occupazione delle aree rurali della Sardegna, che risulta ancora di difficile inquadramento. In this paper we present the reuse exemples of an area between Marmilla and Sarcidano, particularly important for its geographical and strategic position, in which is possible to highlight an interesting diachronic picture of reuse dynamics and of the cultural matrix of the phenomenon.

The analysis focuses on the different language of the diaries and the functions that Antonia Pozzi gives them, functions that are both existential and poetic. In the intimate diary, in particular, the writing is on the one hand configured as a pharmacon, rising above contingencies to address philosophical and literary issues, but it is also a place to fix images, reflections and impressions in view of a future poetic revision, as shown by the precise correspondences present between them.

Madness served primarily as a form of amusement for the spectators in operas of the seventeenth century. This representation was far removed from clinical reality. This circumstance changed in the eighteenth century at the time when tragic madness emerged in numerous operas. The opera buffa Arcifanfano-Re dei matti Arcifanfano-King of fools, premiered in in Venice, text by Carlo Goldoni and music by Baldassare Galuppi , which continuously enacts a realm of fools and is meant to appear amusing, is riddled with psychopathological abnormalities for which a retrospective diagnosis is methodologically rejected.

However, the opera presents many subjects for working out a typology of fools based on outlasting personality traits of the protagonists. The libretto is investigated. A musical analysis is spared. The conceptualized typology of fools in the opera, which is oriented towards the seven main vices or deadly sins serves, in the tradition of moral satire, to critically hold up a mirror to the audience to reflect their own vices by an amusing characterization of the latter. Historically classified, the treatment of fools by means of isolation, custody, locking up in cages as well as authoritarian measures of submission reflects the custom in those days before humanizing the treatment of people with mental illness in the course of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

The opera Arcifanfano is essentially characterized by continuous madness. A typology of the fools can be worked out from the precise depiction of the personalities. A mirror is held up to the spectators in terms of vices, in the tradition of the contemporary baroque opera. At the same time, the opera can be classified psychiatrically and historically as a seismograph of its time when in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries people with mental illness were isolated and incarcerated.

EnThe diffusion of the so called smart-phone and tablet among WEB users community caused a growth in the offering of specific portals, simplified comparing to the classic ones, but capable of a more direct and fast information flow towards their own users. Last two years usage data analysis on this service has revealed a peculiar behavior of Emeroteca Virtuale Mobile users: they tend to use the service as a rapid check of new entries in Emeroteca issues or articles, specifically for those e-journals they are interested in the ratio between browsing and search actions is 4 to 1.

Composition and stratigraphy of the paint layers: investigation on the Madonna dei Fusi by ion beam analysis techniques. In the framework of the extensive study on the wood painting "Madonna dei fusi" attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, Ion Beam Analysis IBA techniques were used at the Florence accelerator laboratory to get information about the elemental composition of the paint layers. After a brief description of the basic principle and the general features of IBA techniques, we will illustrate in detail how the analysis allowed us to characterise the pigments of original and restored areas and the substrate composition, and to obtain information about the stratigraphy of the painting, also providing an estimate of the paint layer thickness.

Quando la Generazione Erasmus incontra la Generazione Precaria. One of the main achievement of the European integration process is the making of a transnational space where European citizens can freely circulate. Mobility promotes a kind of bottom-up, or horizontal europeanization, and the spread of cross-national practices.

brony handbook one path of many Manual

It also contributes to a widening in the individual and relational resources available to youth to carry out their professional and personal life projects. The so called Erasmus Generation, defines young peoples socialized to a transnational cultural humus and highly identified with Europe.

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Indeed, in the current. Playmarche: un distretto regionale dei beni culturali 2. The paper aims to provide a brief overview on the objectives and methods of realization of the project PlayMarche: un Distretto regionale dei beni culturali 2. The project — presented by the University of Macerata and approved in the call for the DCE of the Marche Region — aims to develop and consolidate the economic sector of the ICT technologies applied to communication, dissemination and innovative exploitation of cultural heritage.

It focuses, in particular, on the supply chain both of edutainment and entertainment, with consequences in terms of job creation in sectors with high innovation and economic sustainability. Starbene e il Club dei Vincenti: assessing an anti-smoking campaign for school children. Full Text Available Background : People start smoking during childhood and adolescence and the age at which children start smoking is gradually falling: in , it rose to 3. The enrolled population was composed of 5, students in the treatment group and 4, controls.

Results :: after two years, the number of children who had tried smoking but no longer smoked at the moment decreased by Children who claimed they would not smoke in the future decreased by The good scores obtained from the teachers are very positive because they make the project work.

Il problema dei debiti internazionali nel periodo tra le due guerre mondiali. The international debt problem in the interwar period. Molti dei problemi di oggi derivano da questa continua dominazione dollaroConsiderable attention has recently been paid to the current problem of third world debt and its implications for the international banking system.

A review of similar events at previous times in the past shows that operators in international financial markets have very short memories, since most of the aspects of the current crisis have occurred in the past. This is borne out by considering the international debt problem between the first and second world wars. The major difference between then and now is that the interwar period was a time of transition from a sterling-dominated trading system to one dominated by the US dollar. Many of today's problems stem from this continuing dollar domination.

Reflections of the milanese world of publishing in dialect As well as being a lexicographer and dialectologist, Francesco Cherubini spent much of his professional life dealing with books: the vast world of publishing, printing and the paper industry was one of the most specialized sectors represented in the Vocabolario milanese-italiano, a work characterized by a particular focus on arts and crafts terminology. Bene vita e ordinamento giuridico - 3.

Pianificazione condivisa di cure e Dichiarazioni anticipate - 5. Critical load of acid precipitations. Mapping of Italian regions; Mappa dei carichi critici di acidita' totale riferita al territorio italiano. Bonanni, P. Maria di Galeria, RM Italy. In this report the mapping of critical loads of acidity for the Italian terrestrial ecosystems is presented.

The level O method Stockholm Environment Institute has been used to determine sensitivity to acid deposition; this semi-quantitative method has been modified to address some Italian characteristics. The results show that the sensitivity of the Italian soils to acidification is not particularly elevated: there are really only few small areas with poor tolerance to acid depositions. These areas are in the north-east of Italy, in Alpine and Prealpine region.

Il calcolo dei carichi critici e' stato eseguito sulla base della metodologia messa a punto dallo Stokholm Environment Institute; a questo metodo semi-quantitativo sono state apportate alcune modifiche per meglio adattarlo alle caratteristiche del territorio italiano. Dall'analisi dei risultati ottenuti, si evince come la sensibilita' dei suoli italiani all'acidificazione non sia particolarmente elevata: sono state riscontrate infatti solo alcune aree, peraltro con superficie limitata, con una scarsa tolleranza alle deposizioni acide.

Tali aree sono localizzate nell'Italia nord-orientale, in zona alpina e prealpina. Rilievi introduttivi — 2. Il trattamento riservato alla religione nelle costituzioni algerine postcoloniali — 3. La disciplina in materia di esercizio dei culti diversi dal musulmano varata nel — 4. I decreti di esecuzione della normativa de qua — 5.

Tendenze evolutive:. La partecipazione dei fedeli laici alla vita pubblica. Considerazioni introduttive. I principi c. Considerazioni conclusive. Abdominal ultrasonography in inheredited diseases of carbohydrate metabolism; Ecografia dell'addome nelle malattie ereditarie del metabolismo dei carboidrati. Dipartimento di Pediatria. Purpose: To determine the usefulness of abdominal sonography in inherited diseases of carbohydrate metabolism. Materials and methods: Thirty patients age range, 4 months to 27 years with glycogen storage diseases, galactosemia, disorders of fructose metabolism were studied with sonography.

Echogenicity of the liver, sonographic dimensions of liver, kidneys and spleen were evaluated. Patients with galactosemia did not show increased liver echogenicity. Subjects with increased hepatic echogenicity exhibited higher plasma concentrations of any blood parameter than the others with normal echogenicity p dei carboidrati. Materiale e metodi: Di 30 pazienti eta' compresa tra 4 mesi e 27 anni , affetti da malattie di accumulo di glicogeno glicogenosi , galattosemia, disordini del metabolismo del fruttosio, sono stati valutati tramite ecografia l'ecogenicita' epatica e le dimensioni ecografiche di fegato, reni e milza.

Teoria e crisi della libera fluttuazione dei cambi. The theory and crisis of free floating exchange rates. In contrasto con la credenza precedentemente detenuta, gli agenti che anticipano il mercato sono ora accusati di inefficiente, se non il comportamento irrazionale; si dice che essere mal interpretare o violare i "dati concreti", che dovrebbero portare il mercato sul sentiero di equilibrio. The present work is of primarily a theoretical nature, calling attention to the recent drastic change of opinion regarding the efficiency of foreign exchange markets, of expectations and speculation.

In contrast to the previously held belief, agents that anticipate the market are now accused of inefficient, if not irrational behaviour; they are said to be misinterpreting or violating the "hard data" that should lead the market on the path of equilibrium. According to the author, this new vein is challenging, yet the new "bad. Mannan, K. Glioblastoma multiforme GBM is the commonest and most aggressive primary brain tumor in humans. The high rate of tumor recurrence results in a poor prognosis despite multimodality treatment. One reason for high rate of recurrence is the invasive nature of the tumor into the surrounding normal brain tissue or multifocal occurrence at sites remote from that of the primary tumor establishment.

Existing imaging demonstrates the primary tumor but fail to show the residual tumor microaggregates left behind following initial treatment. In this study, we employed diffraction-enhanced imaging DEI in an attempt to find an imaging modality that will provide visualization of residual disease that is not be apparent on MRI or CT scans. Peracetic acid as disinfectant of municipal wastewaters; L'acido peracetico nella disinfezione dei reflui urbani.

Funari, E. Il presente lavoro oltre a fornire un'ampia raccolta di riferimenti bibliografici, esamina i dati disponibili sul PAA con particolare riferimento: all'efficacia disinfettante nei confronti dei diversi microrganismi patogeni; alla formazione e tossicita' di sottoprodotti di disinfezione; all'impatto ambientale associato allo scarico di reflui trattati con PAA nei corpi idrici; alle condizioni operative adottate in impianti di dimensioni signficative. Recenti studi sui suoi documenti di lavoro hanno evidenziato una passione e una competenza professionale notevoli.

Lo scrittore, in particolare, ha intuito la crescita degli ultimi anni della popolazione eccedente. Parole chiave: , disoccupazione, Kafka, narrazioni del lavoro.

La pianificazione del paesaggio: principi innovativi ed esperienze applicate. Ripensare la Grande Guerra: ancora a proposito di Viva Caporetto! La rivolta dei santi maledetti di Curzio Malaparte. La rivolta dei santi maledetti. In ogni caso, cercheremo di mostrare quali dispositivi valoriali e discorsivi vengono a costituirsi nel testo di Malaparte.

Full Text Available Contributo sottoposto a valutazione. Functional Neurology, 29 1. Apostolakos, John and Durant, Thomas J. Functional Neurology, 29 4. Aiello, Gemma and Marsella, Ennio The Southern Ischia canyon system: examples of deep sea depositional systems on the continental slope off Campania Italy. Aggarwal, Amitesh and Agarwal, Mukul P. Amado Eleas, Alejandra M. Cuore e vasi, 34 3. Aiello, Gemma and Marsella, Ennio The contribution of marine geology to the knowledge of marine coastal environment off the Campania region southern Italy : the geological map n.

Marine Geophysical Research, 34 2. Alberti, Sergio Vittime di reato e individuazione fisiognomica. Annali di stomatologia, 4 1. Cuore e vasi, 35 2. Joints, 1 2. Abate, M.

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Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal, 3 2. Ginecorama, 35 4. Case report. Il giornale di chirurgia, 34 4. Ginecorama, 35 6. Reviews in endocrinology and metabolism, 1 1. Shortness of breath, 2 3. Ammaniti, Massimo Ricordo di Daniel Stern. Infanzia e adolescenza, 12 1. Ammaniti, Massimo and Ferrari, Pier Francesco Gli affetti vitali nel pensiero di Daniel Stern - una prospettiva psicologica e neurobiologica. Infanzia e adolescenza, 13 3. Alberti, G. A guide to the use and the interpretation of results from an archaeological perspective.

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