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That would be around 3 million gays in France. In Britain, it is estimated that there are 3.

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Combien y a-t-il de personnes homosexuelles en France? According to the Paris Prefecture of Police, most of the violence was caused by the Civitas guys, although a few others did participate. Yes, I like LeMonde. He eventually paid off that maid. So I will have to stick to English. It must be difficult dealing with a political system with so many different political parties.

Of course the same is true of Italy, Israel, the UK and probably most of the other European countries. Only occasionally do with have a third party presidential candidate and they always lose. Homosexuality is a natural variation of human sexuality. It is not a choice. Gay people have a right to marry the person they love and enjoy the full rights, privileges and responsibilities of marriage. This is the 21st century. In America only nine states have equal marriage rights for all but that number will be ten in another few months.

Yes, I know what happened in your last election. I know that the Socialists gained a lot of seats, which is why the vote was in the assembly. And in both Spain and France, the Socialists won because the population was not satisfied with the previous conservative administration. You are ignoring the point. That is not customary in Paris during the signing of La Marseillaise! Which should have been in Paris instead of London but the British paid more under the table to the corrupt Olympic site-selection committee!

Never do they raise a right arm, clenched fist salute!

France: burqa ban is legal and will stay - European Human Rights Court

And why did some of them kick and punch the CRS? And try to pull down their shields? Oh, right, it was to show your discontent. Mais croyez-moi il y en a. Merci Arthur! Vous ne les avez pas eues?

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There as an agression of gay activists in Le Girofard the LGBT welcome center of Bordeaux after they went to see Christiane Taubira to offer her roses to thank her for the law. And there were more people at the Manif Pour Tous in Bordeaux than the pro-gay marriage… I was in the pro side twice, and there were people yelling at some places, and the second time the security service prevented an agression near the City Hall.

The huge majority of these people were catholic traditionalists from the upper class neighborhoods of the west of Paris, those extrem-right thugs from the Bloc Identitaire perhaps being the exception they usually are a mixed bag of ideological middle-class semi-theorists and worker-class guys looking for a channel to their anger, at least since the Dreyfus Affair.

The links of the organisers with the religious far right have been demonstrated time and again by the serious press. Are you French? Just next to us, there were the whamps elysees. Furthermore, that were only a few which went there! Civitas and GUD are not the same, you have to disassociate them! A lot? That has been a vicious circle : people were so close, that someones went see the forces, the forces just wanted to show us as criminal, so they started gases, and etc….

The Marseillaise, at the origin, I remind you, is a song that our grand parents sang before wars. They just want to minimize us. Nope, may be because a good journalist show what occured for a majority? Some of the men in the pictures John posted are giving a right-armed clenched fist salute.

And, as far as I know, it is not customary to give a right-armed, clenched fist salute when singing La Marseillaise. Take heart. The guy who wrote this article lived in France for a time and he spends several weeks in France every summer. I have never lived in France but I did visit Paris for a couple of weeks in The gay clubs in Paris were way ahead of those in the US at the time. I had a great time! Yeah, right. Some in the French media did report what was taking place in the various incidents of violence at different locations.

According to media reports, much of the violence was provoked by GUD thugs. That same percentage has been given in other more recent polls. I thought that was supposed to be off limits? A lot of the violent incidents were caused by all those GUD thugs Civitas du GUD du Bloc Identitaire that show up in most of the video clips waving their douchebag flags. In some instances other protesters joined them in kicking and punching the CRS.

There were some men in the crowd who raised that sort of salute. Over here that is exclusively a racist gesture that is often used by neo-Nazi thugs. Apparently they still believe the future belongs to them and their fellow latter-day Nazi collaborators. No reply for facism? Me, I find really beautiful singing La Marseillaise together, it gives us a cohesion. Actually, you were , Excuse me, but, where does come your percentage? He should rather preoccupate him for the employment!!! They were people who wanted to go behind the forces, just because they weren't enough place, due to the incapacity of french security department to give us what we need : an area where everybody can come in, whitout being suffocating!

I think by hiding this reality, you're just censuring yourself and so, privating you from the primordial right which is the speaking liberty. In addition, you're giving a bad opinion of us and french to your reader, far far away from the reality! Just to show you the real wave that we were, cf 2 links : one of a video, the other of some photographs. I spend most of my time in several universities, and no one, not one single person I ever talked to was against gay marriage.

These people are rural rednecks idiots for the most part, and yes, they brought children. But everyone knows that just with a hundred people, things can turn sour very very quickly. For the love of Cthulhu, Spain went from Franco far right ultra catholic, all the way to legalizing prostitution and gat marriage everywhere. Belgium is far ahead as well, even if the old Flemish are sometimes out of their minds xenophobic. But we do try. Most people, especially urban people, just could care less who and why you marry, and who and why you sleep with, and most people think adoption for homosexual couples should happen.

Better have two parents than just one or none. And in a second time she say: if there was extremist, they are not from our demonstration. We are not against gay! We are not exteremist! I m not catholic! Extremist were very few people. We just have different thought for several things, and in france you can think something different than the other people. Oui et donc quoi? Has anyone heard of any burned car or broken shop window? I wish every riot was so pacific!

Is that what you call journalism? When we see here a situation where Troopers are clearly the offenders. By the way, people can accept this law. Nevermind, It will collapse by itself in the Vaults of humanity as soon as The World gets beyond its actual rulers. The goal is to manifest its displeasure quietly but effectively. And I do not congratulate Ms. Broutin, who as a politician is to show an example of what we must do in a democracy, and not doing what we should not do. I do not think that when her party was in power, she ever tried to force a dam …. Finally, it is still good that the police have ways to prevent overflows.

Certainly, water cannons would had been better, but with the temperatures given at this time, it was not recommended. Let us remember that there are countries where the police fired live ammunition! The only case that would justify forcing a dam, is that we have no right to protest at all! And in addition, in the event of damage of the human shield it allows a recovery policy for the carrier Christine Boutin Bible to demand the head prefect and minister.

The human shield 5 to 9 years: an essential tool for any irresponsible idiots that runs for a cause that does not even concern them. Are you kidding? Regarde bien! Are you kidding me??? Watch carefuly the first picture, most of them have both arms raised, is this a fascist salute? Please, M. Aravosis, buy you better eyes then come back and tell us what you see! Dude, you keep posting the same video clip that John posted above. Did you not bother to read the full article and get to the video clip at the bottom?

The sort of salute the European neo-Nazis employ today. See the above picture of Anders Breivik for an example. In the video, I saw quite a few militant racist GUD thugs waving their flags. According to the police, the GUD thugs showed up hoping to start a fight and they were responsible for many of the violent incidents. You have three posts, two of which include the video that you posted 2 hours ago and then again 25 minutes ago.

It was there all along. You do realize, I assume, that the Paris Prefecture of Police reported a number of incidences of violence at several locations? The police said many of those violent incidents were caused by the GUD. You can see them waving their idiotic flags in the video clip you posted. Where is my message? I gave the proof that this story was a lie, with a video of the event…. This is in reply to the person whose comment is now invisible. You dont have the culture necessary for say to me i am silly xD!

Next time just fucking shut up! By the way, the UMP main right-wing party, moderate is trying to use the movement… but can hardly be said to actually pull the strings. Believe it or not, the anti-gay marriage movement can be described as a genuine grassroots movement. Housewives, right-wing students and old people who usually never demonstrate can now be seen holding signs in the streets. Le Monde article is flawed in many aspects.

They are also making sketchy relations between anti-gay marriage associations and some radical movements. Anyone see this from Paris? As a Frenchman, I feel the duty to inform you that this article is grossly misrepresenting what happened at this demonstration. There were , people gathered here. Showing some photos of a few people going astray is not in any way representative of this demonstration. In the video displayed above, you can see at that people singing the French national anthem, very few are actually giving the fascist salute some are just raising both arms, some are raising one arm… while showing their clenched fist.

There is not 12 millions people in the Paris Metro Area. Just shut up plz. Hi, I just came to tell you that you are very misinformed. There were a million people at least and do not believe the police headquarters which provided , demonstrators on saturday. The picture that is shown to you is not Nazi salutes, how can be so easily manipulated?

You believe to be disappointed by France, but this evening, I am really appalled by your stupidity. Irony in this context would be an attempt to express something other, and especially opposite of the literal meaning of the words used in this article. So were you trying to say that these protesters were not fascist and not anti-gay?

Or that there was in fact not a riot? I doubt it. If you did it was extremely inept, and your actual point was completely lost somewhere in the ether. A few pictures of a small percentage of the , people in the protest hitting or advancing on police officers does not consist of a riot in my book. So in sum this is a piece of biased fiction with a few facts tossed in and some pretty pictures and video. As for my political leanings, last time I checked being on the right does not immediately make you a thug.

And I voted for Obama and Hollande. So either check your self-righteous and biased attitude at the door, or accept that some people who make an attempt at doing so are not going to accept your word as gospel. And by the way, attempting to defame people who speak out against you is bad form and bad politics.

But there is not a single fascist salute in the video! They are just raising theirs fists while singing this stupid Anthem, The title of the article and the so-called fascist salute pictures are completely misleading. It is too easy to say lot of French are manipulated…. I understand you could be shoked, but please do not use such abject comparisons…. In a democracy, everyone is allowed to have an opinion, and using such false accusations to object theirs would just show the poverty of your arguments. Btw, most americans are protestants too…does it means they are nazis?

Silly you. Should I invite you to a foot game dear justsayin? Or to syndicats meetings? I think if nazis would have tried such a bad salute, they would have been trashed! It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Private privileges that the globe is obliged to subsidize for them. They have abandoned responsibility for their own marriages for a bit of coin and emotional validation from society. These Frenchmen could easily be confederate terrorists in America. A social disease passed down for generations.

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France is better than this. SHAME on you for rationalizing the abuse. I do not judge the whole of France based on vocal minority haters. Why is it you defend those hiding behind the cloak of respectability??? You are part of the problem, Pierre-Yves Tesniere. You embolden people who already have severely disturbed boundary issues going on. They are not the victims. They are the victimizers feigning persecution.

People need to stop calling them Christians. They conduct themselves opposite and the media narrative needs to change. I am the flock. I am the Church. Not authoritarians hijacking the teachings to service irrelevant agendas. I do not acknowledge that any of these people are practicing the faith. They ape the shoes of tyrants at every conceivable level. Repugnant, is it not? Not one thing but the beam in their own eyes and their own denial of the Bible. I rebuke the Vatican for permitting this in the name of Christianity.

It is unacceptable. I am an American Catholic. These people are the most faithless, least capable of comprehending the very Bible in their hands, and are goaded on by malevolent clergy men. Each of them would take their turn nailing Jesus to a cross all over again at the slightest pretext of provocation. What if people think there are other ways to give homesexuals rights?

What if some people consider our country is not a giant belly full of babies to offer to gays and lesbians?

Bloc-notes : la France, en attente de preuves d’amour

Even if Gays and Lesbians can adopt there are no children to adopt here. To finish, so fascist to consider this christians and so simple considering how many atheists and muslims were there too like extremists. In our country no prayers for politicians, no born again…. What will you do? Except for the fact that no one said Nazi. Read it again. Nothing ca justify these facts, and never person sing national hymn against our police. There were provocations. The worst is there give a very dirty image of our country. Thank you for your photos: I will relay these in my blog. Oh, right. Look at the second photo.

Do you see the guy with the handkerchief over his face to conceal his identity? Many of the people in the crowd — especially obvious in the second picture — were giving the new white-power fascist salute, not the raising of both hands common at soccer games. This is first hand informations : The number of 1. Considering the diversity of the protesters, it has also been proven to be an appearence the organisers tried to show, considering their almost generalised religiosity and heterosexuality. Those , people in that protest represent only 2. And the ones who were trying to cause violence were only a small percentage of the , protesters.

Le GUD was out in force just because they are a bunch of racist goons who like to stir up trouble. The official crowd estimate by the Paris police department is , — not over one million as claimed by the organizers of the protest. That would represent only 2. Thank you very much. And of those , protesters, only a relatively small percentage of them acted like out-of-control goons.

Delano you are wrong. Please do not only take into account your social microcosm which wants to persuade you that French people disagree, because it is wrong. Or maybe they could worry about whether the government will reduce their financial support? Or worry about whether the Vatican will be subjected to new scandal? I survived a Catholic school education. Cheer up! Over one million? According to Wiki, the census estimate for the Paris Metro Area, as of , was over 12 million people!

Enter your access token to activate and access content online. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password? PDF Preview. Table of Contents. Related Content. The Islamic Veil Affairs and , which led to the banning of Muslim girls wearing Islamic headscarves in French public schools and women wearing full-face veils in public, have raised serious concerns about the relationship between secularism and the freedom of religious expression.

His critique, for the most part, is not on the decision of Muslim women to wear the veil but rather on the misuse of secular ideology to justify religious intolerance and mask ethnic prejudice. Editors: Jeroen Temperman , T. Jeremy Gunn and Malcolm D. Light rubbing wear to cover, spine and page edges. Very minimal writing or notations in margins not affecting the text.

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Dans le débat public - eurel

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